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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pyassi Choot

Hi Guys & Grlz! As promised once again I am back with another true experience at my favourite story site Once Again I thank them for this opportunity to share my experiences with others while sharing theirs.

Renu was our Mahari, the dishwasher. Aged 22, fair complexioned, light - medium built, not so good features but a sensuous body with thin pink lips. Everybody in my house thought that she was unmarried but the size of her boobs, swaying of her buttocks, although small, the way she felt shy in my presence and the contradictory looks she gave told another story. On secret enquiries I found she was a divorcee. I was glad to know this because a girl who has had sex and is deprived of is an easier prey than an unmarried one - experience taught me.

For a fortnight, nobody was home except me. She used to come for her job timely and leave timely. . For the last three days, in the morning, I shall bolt the door from inside just after she entered house and go for bath. When she had done her job, I shall be ready for office, open the door (it is an old house, with large doors and the bolt from inside somewhat defective, sometimes sticks), she will leave first then I will lock & Go. On the first day she was a bit hesitant but after two days she found me doing this routinely and was at ease.

I was watching her daily and found that she washed hands & feet thoroughly after her work in the spare bath, humming a tune.

On Friday the bolt jammed that she could not open and I came forward to help her, rubbing my dick on her bottom from behind, leaving very little. I saw sweat on her face - means she also felt my dick and Did she want it? She kept mum but I saw a faint smile also on her lips - or was it my imagination? I could not say. OK! Let's wait for the evening. If she does not turn up, this is an end, otherwise a new beginning!

She turned up.

Saturday was my week off. So today, I closed the door behind her and when she left for kitchen, I came back and adjusted the bolt to jamm. Now I left for bath. All this time I was thinking of crushing and sucking her boobs and rubbing my dick on her cunt. After bath I watched her going into spare bath and when she was washing her legs, raising the saree, I entered wearing a small towel , fully showing my hard-on. I had shaving cream on my face at this time. She was startled and ashamed to have been caught using my toiletries. I deliberately said nothing, just smiled at her, staring her legs and then said sorry and returned. She quickly finished and tried to leave, but the bolt was jammed. I had placed a semi-nude Samantha Fox poster on my bedroom door also. Leaving the bath door open, I had started shaving my pubic hair with legs wide open, sitting on the floor facing the door. I heard her come for asking for the help to open the door. I washed the dick and was pouring water on it, when she entered my bedroom and faced me in this position! I quickly covered myself with the towel and stared away asking - "W..W.. What is it Renu?" She giggled and said "Sorry Saab - aapko door band rakhna tha!" "What Sorry?" - I asked in mock amger, smiling but looking away shyly, "You saw me!" "Koi Baat Nahin Saab - Main kisi se kahne thode hi ja rahi hoon" - she was still smiling. Seeing this as the opportune moment I asked her - "Kyon aayee thi yahan?" "Saab Door Khol Do Na" - She said coyly. I moved to go out to open the door, and passed her. She snatched my towel from behind, I turned and she placed her lips on my DICK! So she was an expert!! She held both my buttocks and started sucking on my DICK! "Aaaaaaaaaah..." was all I could say while holding her shoulders and lifting her Up, I kissed her pink lips passionately.... She made no struggle. I undone her Shalwar & Kurta, leaving panty on and rubbed her boobs from above the BRA. She moaned and again held my DICK and started a hand job on it. I knew that I was excited for such a long period that I will explode very soon. I drew her on bed and immediately positioned into 69, my lips on her cunt. Her cunt was cleanshaven - CHIKNI BUR!. So she was also prepared for todays fucking! well probably due to yesterdays rubbing of dick on her bottom at front door. I licked her cunt, salivating , fucking deep with tongue and started slurping. She meanwhile took my whole rod in her mouth and sucked me, along with rubbing my foreskin back & forth. I was kneading her buttocks hard. All this with least noise. I very softly chewed on her clit - she moaned in pleasure "eeeeee.....ouuuiiiiii........hai raam........eeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." and had her first orgasm while I grunted "AARHGHHHHHHH..... UHHHH" and exploded in her mouth. She did not gulp the semen as she was not ready for it but slid my dick out of her lips and hand fucked me. I did not leave her clit and continued to lick it till she forced the last drop out of me and herself was involved in second orgasm. Now I turned and kissed her lips passionately pressing her boobs hard. As soon as her orgasm finished, she started fondling my dick and asked - "SAAB! AUR KITNE DIN AKELE HO .....?" "Kyon?" - I said. "Bahut Din Baad Yeh Mazaa Mila hai. Main Aapko bahut din se chodana chahati thi. Main Aaj Shaam ko Jaldi aa jaaoongi" - She replied. "Aaj Tum kahin Nahin Jaaogi. Ab mere Oopar Charh kar tum Chodo! Bada man tha na Chodaney ka!" - I said. She agreed and straddled me sliding the Dick, by now HARD in her Choot. SO I had enjoyable week ahead..Hmmmm!

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