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Friday, January 15, 2010

Midnight Train

being my second and last incident during train journeys. I wanted to make sure if someone for a short journey thought of sleeping on the vacant berth till the passenger who had reservation turned up.she adjusted her sari and posture. Within few minutes, she again went to the earlier position.
Next, I allowed my fingers to crawl and creep in between her body and blouse to reach her naked boob. I could not believe my luck! Now my hand was cupping her big boob over her bras. Slowly I began to press and squeeze it. Then there was another movement. She must have lifted her bras as I felt her cold nude boob touched my hand.
They were big, soft but the nipples were firm and erect. I went on rubbing, fiddling, fingering, caressing, pressing and squeezing her boobs. She shifted her eyes between my face and towards other passengers sleeping on berths.
A faint smell of a sweet-perfume was emanating from her bosom. I extended my tongue out and began to lick her nipple, aureole and all over the boob. The train pulled up with a small jerk. There were heavy shouting of "Chai...chai...chai..." By several vendors outside. We quickly regained positions at safe distance. She had pulled down her bras, hooked her blouse and adjusted her sari in time a few passengers got up obviously hearing the shouting.
By 10.30 in the night all the passengers had gone to deep sleep on their respective berths covering their entire bodies with sheets or blankets. I had helped her grandmother to climb up to her middle berth. She obeyed me by lying on my lower berth.. I sat on the berth at the side of the window and she lay with her head opposite to me covering her body and legs with a sheet. Both of us were pretending sleeping. We could hear the snoring of the labours on their berths.

Though I was happy thinking of my ensuing pleasures, yet I could not think of a safe way to fuck her. After about 20 minutes, I made some sounds deliberately to see if anyone was awake. But nobody was. I switched off the dim blue night-bulb and our place became dark. I slowly inserted my right hand into the sheet and touched her legs. She was expecting it. Slowly, I pushed her saree up to her knees. Then I began to massage her soft legs. She sat up and lay keeping her head towards me. I knew she wanted kissing or to have her boobs caressed and sucked first. So, I opted to start with the kissing session.

I bent on her and began kissing her lips. I inserted my tongue between her parted thick lips and probed inside her mouth rubbing her tongue too. Often I took one of her thick lips into my mouth and sucked softly. I was getting hot and I began to kiss her eyes, nose, cheeks and ears. I softly bit her cheeks carefully not to leave any teeth-mark. Later, as my hand touched on her bosom, she unhooked her blouse, lifted her bras and brought her boobs exposed. Lying on her back, her boobs spilled covering her entire chest. I adjusted my sitting posture so that I could hold both her boobs in my two hands. I caressed her boobs rubbing over it in circular motions. Then I did that with her aureole and nipples. I held her nipples between my thumb and index fingers and tweaked them. Later, I began to squeeze her boobs hard. She released a soft suppressed moan.

I bent my head over her bosom. I took one of her boobs into my mouth. I played my tongue on her nipples. This was followed by mad sucking. Then I did the same with her other boob. I must have taken twenty minutes relishing myself with her boobs. I knew my cock was struggling inside my pants to be set free to stand fully erect. However, I began to caress her soft belly. As my hand could not go to reach further, I asked her to lay in opposite direction which she did keeping her legs towards me.

I lifted her saree keeping the sheet in place. I slid my hands into it and began to caress her legs. As my palms kept crawling to her thighs, she made a little jerk. I leaned further and my hands now covered her thighs and reached her pussy with panty. I rubbed her pussy madly. She again jerked out of pleasurable sensations. Slowly, I pulled down her panty up to the knees. She might have shaved her pussy about a week ago, as there was very little growth of pubic hairs now. I rubbed her entire pussy with my hand. At times, I divided her pussy lips with my fingers and rubbed her clitoris softly. Often she shook her legs and moaned.

Her pussy began to secrete juice making it wet. I slowly inserted my middle finger into her hole and finger-fucked her. She bounced in extreme pleasures. Soon I found my finger fully drenched with her juice. I could not resist and wanted to enjoy it. I turned, bent on her and brought my mouth on to her pussy. When my lips covered her pussy, she nearly jumped shrieking a little. Suddenly I turned around to see nobody heard it. In fact, nothing could stop me now. I madly kissed her pussy often licking it thoroughly from bottom to top. The pleasure she got was too much. Separating her pussy lips, I rubbed her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. Then I took it inside my mouth and sucked it softly.

I found her juices almost oozing out. I separated her pussy lips further, wiped her hole with my tongue and swallowed the juices. She was writhing in pleasures. But I could not shoot my tongue into her hole. I tried by removing her panty in full, keeping one of her legs hanging down outside the berth. May be because she could not separate her thighs widely due to less width of the berth and the uncomfortable position in which she lay, I could not succeed in sucking the inner walls of her vaginal canal. Lastly I contended myself by my continued licking and sucking her pussy as much as possible.

After a few minutes, suddenly I felt a spasm in her pussy and she discharged her cum. I shamelessly admit, I greedily gulped down her entire juices, not because it was having any taste but I had gone mad in head. Even after her cumming, I continued to suck her pussy for another ten minutes. After her second orgasm, I stopped sucking the pussy.

Now my sole intention was to fuck her. And I had no idea how to do it. My cock was still struggling inside my pants. At first, I thought of taking her into the toilet, but decided against it. I pulled down my pants and underwear up to knees and took out my hot erect cock. I kept her one leg hanging making room for me in between her legs. It was quite difficult alright. But I refused to give up. The more difficulty it posed, the more determined I became to fuck her in any way.

Somehow I managed to lay on her and covered our bodies with the sheet. With her hands, she kept her pussy lips opened as I placed the head of my cock on her pussy hole. While she guided, I pressed and pushed the cock into her. Yes, due to the difficult position, my cock could not penetrate fully. At that time she whispered into my ear "Come on...donĂ¢€™t waste time, fuck me in this position fast". So, I accelerated and made vigorous thrusts. While I fucked her vigorously, she held her hands around my buttocks pressing me hard into her. Then she did something wonderful which made our penetration complete. She brought up her legs, wrapped it around my body near the buttocks and held me tightly. With one or two thrusts, my cock went fully inside her.

She was terribly hot as she began to give upward thrusts with her pussy. In 3-4 minutes, she attained climax. Soon, I got up momentum and I too discharged deep into her tunnel. I offloaded from her body. She took her hanky, wiped her pussy clean of our mixed juices and threw it out. We were totally happy and satisfied with that wonderful fucking on a train berth even in uncomfortable position.

As I tried to sit again on the berth, my head hit the middle berth very hard. There was a thud and it pained my head heavily. I found some movements from the middle berth. I took the sitting position pretending dozing. She too pulled up the sheet to cover her body keeping space between us. I noticed her grandmother extending her head down to look at her. I told her grandmother my head hit her berth and everything was fine. Then I went to the toilet. I found my underwear wet drenched with the cum. When I came back and sat at the space she prodded me.

I think she wanted more. I whispered to her to keep cool as any more attempts would be dangerous with her grandmother awake. Because, I cared more for her safety and security than my own. We spent the night like that. The next morning, or for that matter till we got off from the train at our destination, she acted very nicely. She kept her face expressionless as if nothing had happened between us in the night. Neither she nor I asked for each otherĂ¢€™s contact particulars. And, that was the end of it.

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