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Friday, January 15, 2010


Hello Readers, My Name Is Sameer. I am 24 yrs old male, from Mumbai city. Since this is my first story on this web site, I figured I tell you a true story about the love of my life that I enjoyed twice in my life.

The sun was shinning in the window as I woke from our first night together. All my life I had wondered where my first love had gone. I knew Reena had married women and that her husband had died shortly after their daughter had been born. I am single person & I tried for years to locate her with no suggest.

The closest I had come was Office. But by the time I found out Reena was there Reena moved and I lost her again. Now Reena was lying next to me sleeping from our night of love. It must have been 3AM by the time we fell asleep on top of each other. Her body was a true picture of woman hood and I began to touch her again as my cock began to rise from my excitement.

As I moved around her resting body I touched her thigh and Reena opened her legs further exposing her very short trimmed pussy. I moved my face closer to it so I could examine every inch of that part of her body. Feeling my breath on her inner thigh Reena moaned a little and moved to her side closing her legs and now showing me her spectacular ass, the ass that as a teenage I so desired but never touched! I ran my hand over each cheek and Reena rolled over again showing me the front of her body! God! What a fool I was not to try to fuck her again and again as we grew up together.

But, I was always taught to respect women and not do anything like that to a young woman. It took a tour in the Navy and a few years of maturity afterwards for me to learn that some women want no make that need, sex or a relationship would never happen. Now Reena was there in front of me and I was drooling!

As I touched her left breast Reena moaned a little again and took her hand covering my hand and we both squeezed gentle. I bent into kiss her and telling her good morning! Reena smiled and kissed me back taking my tongue and sucking it like Reena was so hungry. My fingers found her hardening nipple and I rolled it between my thumb and index finer. Reena removed her hand and ran it down between our bodies touching my cock head. Reena moaned again as her hand squeezed the head!

Our tongues took turns and my hand was slowly sliding down the front of her body over her pussy hair and into her slit! Reena spread her legs and whispered: "OH YES BUD! I HAVE WANTED YOUR FINGER DEEP IN ME FOR ALMOST ALL MY LIFE!" My slowly stroked up and down her slit as I sucked her nipple and Reena began to pump my very hard cock. Reena was so sexy and so passionate.

Her body was always full of desire and that had not changed. I moved over her and came back up to kiss her one more time before I started kissing down her body between her breasts and over her stomach in top her pussy hair. Her hands gently guided my head don her body as Reena pushed it towards her sweet pussy.

When my lips touched her thigh about an inch from her wet pussy Reena arched her back off the bed and moaned out my name saying:" OH YES BUD. LICK IT BABY! MAKE LOVE TO MY PUSSY WITH YOUR TONGUE AH! OH YES BABY THAT FEELS SO GOOD! MUMM BABY! THAT'S IT RIGHT THERE!"

Reena was directing my head to that point on a woman that gives her the most satisfaction, her hard wet clit! Licking around in small circles with the tip of my tongue, I pressed against her button making her begin to grind her hips. My mouth moved to the walls of her pussy hole now as I licked up and down ton the insides of both sides of her slit.

Her mush was giving me such a desire I wasn't sure if I wouldn't cum before I was even inside her sweet wet cunt. Licking up and down up and down then shoving my tongue as deep as I could into her hole Reena arched her back and began to pump her hips fucking my face. God what a picture. A picture I have wanted to see al my life. I licked and watched my teenage love climaxing as I continued to eat her pussy
Holding my head tight against her pussy Reena bent her knees and opened her legs as wide as Reena could as Reena fucked my face and grunted like a small animal! Moaning out and slurring her words as Reena tried to tell me: "OH MY GOD BABY! DON'T STOP. EAT ME I'M CUMMING AGAIN!" And Reena began to orgasm for the second time as I inserted two fingers in her pussy hole and moved my mouth back up to her clit!

Reena held her pussy lips open for me as I fingered her as fast as my hand could go in and out of her body! Pumping and pumping her hips shoving her pussy against my mouth Reena cried out when Reena hit the top of her orgasm this time!

Her ass was a foot off the bed and I put my hands under her thighs and lifted her lower body up into a 45-degree angle from her head. Lick down into her now I opened my mouth and sucked all of her slit into my mouth as my tongue continued to fuck her along with 2 fingers on my hand I began to vibrate my lips like a motor boat sending shock after shock directly against her clit!

With her mouth wide open Reena tried to cry out but was lost in the passion of the moment. Al Reena could do was cum. I felt a stream of her juices running out her pussy on to my face, tongue, fingers and hands. Reena hung there like a puppet as I sucked and licked and fingered that pussy I have always wanted since I was 18 years old. God how I wanted her and god how I still do.

When Reena was finished I let her body fall slowly down on the bed and moved up between her legs. Reena smiled as Reena reached for my cock and guided it to her waiting and so ready to be fucked hole. As we both felt my thick cock head slid into her wet open pussy we both moaned with desire.

As I pushed more and more of my cock into her body Reena lifted her legs and wrapped her feet around my neck as Reena lifted her pussy into me telling me: "FUCK ME BUD! FUCK ME HARD BABY! FUCK EM LIKE I ALWAYS KNEW YOU WOULD!" I moaned now as I felt my balls against her ass and knew I was fully inside my first love.

I was fucking my teen-age love and it was better than I could have ever imagined! Many nights I would stroke my cock and cum while thinking about her and wanting her so badly. Now as we pumped into each other I knew my dream did come true!!

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