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Friday, January 15, 2010

Midnight Train

being my second and last incident during train journeys. I wanted to make sure if someone for a short journey thought of sleeping on the vacant berth till the passenger who had reservation turned up.she adjusted her sari and posture. Within few minutes, she again went to the earlier position.
Next, I allowed my fingers to crawl and creep in between her body and blouse to reach her naked boob. I could not believe my luck! Now my hand was cupping her big boob over her bras. Slowly I began to press and squeeze it. Then there was another movement. She must have lifted her bras as I felt her cold nude boob touched my hand.
They were big, soft but the nipples were firm and erect. I went on rubbing, fiddling, fingering, caressing, pressing and squeezing her boobs. She shifted her eyes between my face and towards other passengers sleeping on berths.
A faint smell of a sweet-perfume was emanating from her bosom. I extended my tongue out and began to lick her nipple, aureole and all over the boob. The train pulled up with a small jerk. There were heavy shouting of "Chai...chai...chai..." By several vendors outside. We quickly regained positions at safe distance. She had pulled down her bras, hooked her blouse and adjusted her sari in time a few passengers got up obviously hearing the shouting.
By 10.30 in the night all the passengers had gone to deep sleep on their respective berths covering their entire bodies with sheets or blankets. I had helped her grandmother to climb up to her middle berth. She obeyed me by lying on my lower berth.. I sat on the berth at the side of the window and she lay with her head opposite to me covering her body and legs with a sheet. Both of us were pretending sleeping. We could hear the snoring of the labours on their berths.

Though I was happy thinking of my ensuing pleasures, yet I could not think of a safe way to fuck her. After about 20 minutes, I made some sounds deliberately to see if anyone was awake. But nobody was. I switched off the dim blue night-bulb and our place became dark. I slowly inserted my right hand into the sheet and touched her legs. She was expecting it. Slowly, I pushed her saree up to her knees. Then I began to massage her soft legs. She sat up and lay keeping her head towards me. I knew she wanted kissing or to have her boobs caressed and sucked first. So, I opted to start with the kissing session.

I bent on her and began kissing her lips. I inserted my tongue between her parted thick lips and probed inside her mouth rubbing her tongue too. Often I took one of her thick lips into my mouth and sucked softly. I was getting hot and I began to kiss her eyes, nose, cheeks and ears. I softly bit her cheeks carefully not to leave any teeth-mark. Later, as my hand touched on her bosom, she unhooked her blouse, lifted her bras and brought her boobs exposed. Lying on her back, her boobs spilled covering her entire chest. I adjusted my sitting posture so that I could hold both her boobs in my two hands. I caressed her boobs rubbing over it in circular motions. Then I did that with her aureole and nipples. I held her nipples between my thumb and index fingers and tweaked them. Later, I began to squeeze her boobs hard. She released a soft suppressed moan.

I bent my head over her bosom. I took one of her boobs into my mouth. I played my tongue on her nipples. This was followed by mad sucking. Then I did the same with her other boob. I must have taken twenty minutes relishing myself with her boobs. I knew my cock was struggling inside my pants to be set free to stand fully erect. However, I began to caress her soft belly. As my hand could not go to reach further, I asked her to lay in opposite direction which she did keeping her legs towards me.

I lifted her saree keeping the sheet in place. I slid my hands into it and began to caress her legs. As my palms kept crawling to her thighs, she made a little jerk. I leaned further and my hands now covered her thighs and reached her pussy with panty. I rubbed her pussy madly. She again jerked out of pleasurable sensations. Slowly, I pulled down her panty up to the knees. She might have shaved her pussy about a week ago, as there was very little growth of pubic hairs now. I rubbed her entire pussy with my hand. At times, I divided her pussy lips with my fingers and rubbed her clitoris softly. Often she shook her legs and moaned.

Her pussy began to secrete juice making it wet. I slowly inserted my middle finger into her hole and finger-fucked her. She bounced in extreme pleasures. Soon I found my finger fully drenched with her juice. I could not resist and wanted to enjoy it. I turned, bent on her and brought my mouth on to her pussy. When my lips covered her pussy, she nearly jumped shrieking a little. Suddenly I turned around to see nobody heard it. In fact, nothing could stop me now. I madly kissed her pussy often licking it thoroughly from bottom to top. The pleasure she got was too much. Separating her pussy lips, I rubbed her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. Then I took it inside my mouth and sucked it softly.

I found her juices almost oozing out. I separated her pussy lips further, wiped her hole with my tongue and swallowed the juices. She was writhing in pleasures. But I could not shoot my tongue into her hole. I tried by removing her panty in full, keeping one of her legs hanging down outside the berth. May be because she could not separate her thighs widely due to less width of the berth and the uncomfortable position in which she lay, I could not succeed in sucking the inner walls of her vaginal canal. Lastly I contended myself by my continued licking and sucking her pussy as much as possible.

After a few minutes, suddenly I felt a spasm in her pussy and she discharged her cum. I shamelessly admit, I greedily gulped down her entire juices, not because it was having any taste but I had gone mad in head. Even after her cumming, I continued to suck her pussy for another ten minutes. After her second orgasm, I stopped sucking the pussy.

Now my sole intention was to fuck her. And I had no idea how to do it. My cock was still struggling inside my pants. At first, I thought of taking her into the toilet, but decided against it. I pulled down my pants and underwear up to knees and took out my hot erect cock. I kept her one leg hanging making room for me in between her legs. It was quite difficult alright. But I refused to give up. The more difficulty it posed, the more determined I became to fuck her in any way.

Somehow I managed to lay on her and covered our bodies with the sheet. With her hands, she kept her pussy lips opened as I placed the head of my cock on her pussy hole. While she guided, I pressed and pushed the cock into her. Yes, due to the difficult position, my cock could not penetrate fully. At that time she whispered into my ear "Come on...don’t waste time, fuck me in this position fast". So, I accelerated and made vigorous thrusts. While I fucked her vigorously, she held her hands around my buttocks pressing me hard into her. Then she did something wonderful which made our penetration complete. She brought up her legs, wrapped it around my body near the buttocks and held me tightly. With one or two thrusts, my cock went fully inside her.

She was terribly hot as she began to give upward thrusts with her pussy. In 3-4 minutes, she attained climax. Soon, I got up momentum and I too discharged deep into her tunnel. I offloaded from her body. She took her hanky, wiped her pussy clean of our mixed juices and threw it out. We were totally happy and satisfied with that wonderful fucking on a train berth even in uncomfortable position.

As I tried to sit again on the berth, my head hit the middle berth very hard. There was a thud and it pained my head heavily. I found some movements from the middle berth. I took the sitting position pretending dozing. She too pulled up the sheet to cover her body keeping space between us. I noticed her grandmother extending her head down to look at her. I told her grandmother my head hit her berth and everything was fine. Then I went to the toilet. I found my underwear wet drenched with the cum. When I came back and sat at the space she prodded me.

I think she wanted more. I whispered to her to keep cool as any more attempts would be dangerous with her grandmother awake. Because, I cared more for her safety and security than my own. We spent the night like that. The next morning, or for that matter till we got off from the train at our destination, she acted very nicely. She kept her face expressionless as if nothing had happened between us in the night. Neither she nor I asked for each other’s contact particulars. And, that was the end of it.


Hello Readers, My Name Is Sameer. I am 24 yrs old male, from Mumbai city. Since this is my first story on this web site, I figured I tell you a true story about the love of my life that I enjoyed twice in my life.

The sun was shinning in the window as I woke from our first night together. All my life I had wondered where my first love had gone. I knew Reena had married women and that her husband had died shortly after their daughter had been born. I am single person & I tried for years to locate her with no suggest.

The closest I had come was Office. But by the time I found out Reena was there Reena moved and I lost her again. Now Reena was lying next to me sleeping from our night of love. It must have been 3AM by the time we fell asleep on top of each other. Her body was a true picture of woman hood and I began to touch her again as my cock began to rise from my excitement.

As I moved around her resting body I touched her thigh and Reena opened her legs further exposing her very short trimmed pussy. I moved my face closer to it so I could examine every inch of that part of her body. Feeling my breath on her inner thigh Reena moaned a little and moved to her side closing her legs and now showing me her spectacular ass, the ass that as a teenage I so desired but never touched! I ran my hand over each cheek and Reena rolled over again showing me the front of her body! God! What a fool I was not to try to fuck her again and again as we grew up together.

But, I was always taught to respect women and not do anything like that to a young woman. It took a tour in the Navy and a few years of maturity afterwards for me to learn that some women want no make that need, sex or a relationship would never happen. Now Reena was there in front of me and I was drooling!

As I touched her left breast Reena moaned a little again and took her hand covering my hand and we both squeezed gentle. I bent into kiss her and telling her good morning! Reena smiled and kissed me back taking my tongue and sucking it like Reena was so hungry. My fingers found her hardening nipple and I rolled it between my thumb and index finer. Reena removed her hand and ran it down between our bodies touching my cock head. Reena moaned again as her hand squeezed the head!

Our tongues took turns and my hand was slowly sliding down the front of her body over her pussy hair and into her slit! Reena spread her legs and whispered: "OH YES BUD! I HAVE WANTED YOUR FINGER DEEP IN ME FOR ALMOST ALL MY LIFE!" My slowly stroked up and down her slit as I sucked her nipple and Reena began to pump my very hard cock. Reena was so sexy and so passionate.

Her body was always full of desire and that had not changed. I moved over her and came back up to kiss her one more time before I started kissing down her body between her breasts and over her stomach in top her pussy hair. Her hands gently guided my head don her body as Reena pushed it towards her sweet pussy.

When my lips touched her thigh about an inch from her wet pussy Reena arched her back off the bed and moaned out my name saying:" OH YES BUD. LICK IT BABY! MAKE LOVE TO MY PUSSY WITH YOUR TONGUE AH! OH YES BABY THAT FEELS SO GOOD! MUMM BABY! THAT'S IT RIGHT THERE!"

Reena was directing my head to that point on a woman that gives her the most satisfaction, her hard wet clit! Licking around in small circles with the tip of my tongue, I pressed against her button making her begin to grind her hips. My mouth moved to the walls of her pussy hole now as I licked up and down ton the insides of both sides of her slit.

Her mush was giving me such a desire I wasn't sure if I wouldn't cum before I was even inside her sweet wet cunt. Licking up and down up and down then shoving my tongue as deep as I could into her hole Reena arched her back and began to pump her hips fucking my face. God what a picture. A picture I have wanted to see al my life. I licked and watched my teenage love climaxing as I continued to eat her pussy
Holding my head tight against her pussy Reena bent her knees and opened her legs as wide as Reena could as Reena fucked my face and grunted like a small animal! Moaning out and slurring her words as Reena tried to tell me: "OH MY GOD BABY! DON'T STOP. EAT ME I'M CUMMING AGAIN!" And Reena began to orgasm for the second time as I inserted two fingers in her pussy hole and moved my mouth back up to her clit!

Reena held her pussy lips open for me as I fingered her as fast as my hand could go in and out of her body! Pumping and pumping her hips shoving her pussy against my mouth Reena cried out when Reena hit the top of her orgasm this time!

Her ass was a foot off the bed and I put my hands under her thighs and lifted her lower body up into a 45-degree angle from her head. Lick down into her now I opened my mouth and sucked all of her slit into my mouth as my tongue continued to fuck her along with 2 fingers on my hand I began to vibrate my lips like a motor boat sending shock after shock directly against her clit!

With her mouth wide open Reena tried to cry out but was lost in the passion of the moment. Al Reena could do was cum. I felt a stream of her juices running out her pussy on to my face, tongue, fingers and hands. Reena hung there like a puppet as I sucked and licked and fingered that pussy I have always wanted since I was 18 years old. God how I wanted her and god how I still do.

When Reena was finished I let her body fall slowly down on the bed and moved up between her legs. Reena smiled as Reena reached for my cock and guided it to her waiting and so ready to be fucked hole. As we both felt my thick cock head slid into her wet open pussy we both moaned with desire.

As I pushed more and more of my cock into her body Reena lifted her legs and wrapped her feet around my neck as Reena lifted her pussy into me telling me: "FUCK ME BUD! FUCK ME HARD BABY! FUCK EM LIKE I ALWAYS KNEW YOU WOULD!" I moaned now as I felt my balls against her ass and knew I was fully inside my first love.

I was fucking my teen-age love and it was better than I could have ever imagined! Many nights I would stroke my cock and cum while thinking about her and wanting her so badly. Now as we pumped into each other I knew my dream did come true!!

Sushama aunty

This happened when I was about 22 years old. I was sent to Hyderabad for my further studies to my one of distant Sushama aunt's place. My Sushama aunty was about 35 yr old but looked quite sexy for her age. Let me describe Sushama aunty to you. I know she is 35 years old; she has short, brown hair fashioned in a kind of bob. Her face is round, and she has bright black eyes and full lips. Although I've never seen them, I can tell that she has enormous jugs.

And, even though she is a bit big around the waist and hips, she doesn't look fat because she is quite tall for a woman. I used to watch her work in the house in just blouse and petticoat. This gave me lots of opportunities to se her hard breasts and her solid ass as she bent for something or the other. I was in college that time and just coming off age. My friends used to discuss how they masturbated thinking of the girls and looking at their asses and breasts. I started to look at my Shilpa aunty as sexual object after I heard all the things.

Knew it was bad but could not stop from thinking about it. My aunty was not aware of this and considered me as just a kid. She did not know the effect of her dress in the house, what it did to me or it aroused my sexual interests. I started to be close to my Shilpa aunty as much as possible and even tried to sleep in the same bed. But I could not dare touch her body in sexual way.

The situation changed shortly. One-day aunty was sitting in an easy char reading something and all of a sudden her pearl necklace broke, scattering the pearls all over the room. Aunty went to get up and gather them, but I told her to stay seated and leave it to me; the less movement she made, the easier it would be to find them all. I had soon collected all those that had been on the floor, whilst aunty picked up those around her.

As I handed the pile to her, aunty told me she could feel some of them underneath her. I knelt down next to her feet, and began to feel around where she was sitting. Just as I felt one of the little pearls, it fell free of my grasp. In my frantic effort to retrieve it, I let my right hand fall to rest high up on aunt's lap.

That's when I felt it. That's when my whole life changed forever. Resting beneath my hand, and beneath aunt's silky gown, was the unmistakable form of her panties. My hands searched for the pearl and in the effort my fingers ran over the panty-clad pussy of my aunty, making me hard.

My aunty gasped too but did not show any reaction. I knew she was disturbed too. I spent rest of the night thinking about fucking my aunty and masturbating with the fantasy. I fantasized about being seduced by my aunty. I dreamt about stripping her and fucking her senseless. From next day onwards I made sure I always got into a position that would allow me to touch her hips and feel the magic underwear that held her pussy. One night after few days, I went too far. It was a warm evening of summer, and I thought aunty looked very attractive in a sleeveless gown she wore. I wanted to touch her everywhere. Then I started to talk to her. We had been talking about uncle for some time, when aunty surprised me and said that she missed him not only for the way he made her laugh, but in the way he made her feel like a woman.

As she got up from her chair and went into the kitchen, she said that she hoped I would make up the missing fun for her. I immediately got up and followed her. I felt that she was giving me the 'come on'. Maybe she had sensed, particularly with the amount of 'accidental' touching up I had been giving her, and that I wanted her. When I entered the kitchen, aunty was standing with her back to me washing some utensils.

She continued to talk about how uncle was still a `virile' man and that she missed the physical side to her marriage. She was really giving me the green light, I thought. So, I plucked up courage and stood right behind her and grasped her bare arms and allowed my hands to caress her soft, warm skin. Aunty laughed gently, and thanked me for my concern about her problems. I could hold back no longer.

Roughly, I turned aunty around to face me, and pushed her back against the wall. Holding her upper arms tightly in my hands, I heard myself tell her that I could look after her and service all her needs. Aunt's initial smile faded, as I moved in closer and the bulge in my trousers stuck into her waist. When she looked down and saw how aroused her Raj was, her face turned red. 'You are touching me. That's bad Raj.

You are like my Raj and I am your aunty. Please don't look at me that way my boy. If your uncle comes to know this we will be in real trouble. Please stop that Raj', she said weakly. I bent my head down to kiss her. 'Raj, no…no', aunty continued as I increased my effort to kiss her. 'I think you'd better leave. ' Aunty said, quietly. Sorry aunty. I got carried away. I love you so much that I thought I should comfort you. Ohh Raj. It's wrong you know. How you can kiss your aunty as your uncle does? It's a sin. Its incest. Ohhhhhhh. If I were not your aunty. Please go away or else something bad may happen. Aunty said with her eyes full of tears. I let go of her and ran to my room.

My head was spinning and my cock was hard, I masturbated thinking of aunty and slept. In the night I heard my aunty crying and felt bad about it. But then I heard something else too, I heard moans from my aunties room and thought that she was very much disturbed. I wanted to comfort her so I went quietly to her room and opened the door inch by inch. What I saw gave me a shock.

There my aunty was lying naked on her bed with her legs spread wide. Her fingers were busy rubbing her pussy. She was frantically masturbating and moaning loudly. Her hands moved all over her body and kneaded her full breasts. While moaning she once called me ohhhhhhhh Raj. Please fuck me. Fuck my cunt. Your uncle neglects me. He is away all the time. Ohh fuck me. When I heard this I went inside the room and stood beside her bed.

My aunty looked at me and covered her body with the bed sheet. Without speaking, she sat down and spoke to me. I brought my eyes up to hers as she spoke. 'I am sorry about the incidence Raj, ' she began, I'm afraid I made a bit of a mistake.' `would you be a sweet boy and allow a me to change my mind?' 'Come here, Raj.' she ordered. 'Come and sit here. 'I sat on the bed beside her and looked down at aunty; I could see her huge breasts showing off over the thin sheet she had wrapped.

Aunty turned towards me and the bed sheet fell aside. I could see her boobs, now naked and shining. 'Let me show you what I have in mind.' aunty said. I could hardly believe it as I saw her hands come up to my shorts and begin to undo the buttons. Her long fingers soon had the buttons undone. Then aunty put her fingers on the zipper, looked up at me with that same dirty smile, and started to pull it down.

Before I knew it, my shorts were around my ankles, and the bulge in my boxers, made by my ever growing cock, was sticking right out in front of me. I had to breathe in to catch my breath as she eased the elastic waistband over my phallus and pulled the shorts down my legs. Twitching not two inches from Shilpa aunt's face was my dick, bare and exposed.

Aunty looked up into my eyes and moistened her lips. With our gazes locked on each other, aunty opened her mouth, and moved her head towards my cock. It was like slow motion the way she enveloped it, and took me all in, deep throat. She pulled her head back and let her tongue caress the tip of my Lund, before swallowing me again.

I groaned as the waves of pleasure hit me. Holding the base of my dick in her fist, aunty moved her head quickly to and fro. I couldn't believe it as her loud slurping noises echoed around the silent room. As she increased her hand speed on my prick, her left hand came up to stroke my balls. That did it. A minute later she was swallowing my warm, white love juice. I felt her throat constrict around my knob as aunty tried not to let any escape her lips.

When my balls were completely empty, she withdrew my limp cock from her mouth, and wiped around her lips with her tongue. 'Wow, Raj,' aunty began, 'I'd forgotten just how good a young man's spunk tastes. Your uncle never allows me to do this and you are the first man to have come in my mouth' aunty said licking her lips and drinking in all of my come off it. I fell to my knees on the bed. My body felt drained. Aunty got up and stroked me saying, my lovely young lad has just made me a warm, milky drink, and I've finished every last drop.

Now take rest and I will come back. Ten minutes later she entered the room slowly. She walked over and stood right in front of me, obviously delighted at her Raj's reaction; my dick was at full length again. I moved closer, reached out my hands, and began to caress her silky smooth thighs. Aunty let out a groan as my hands moved over her hips, gently brushing her cunny lips as they did so. I stood up and moved closer to her.

She looked down at my quivering cock, as my hands went up to untie her nighty. As the bow came undone easily in my hands, her tits came into my view. I stared at them then I reached out and began to tweak her nipples. Aunty began to moan loudly. This became even louder as I bent my head to suckle on them. As I gently bit and licked her golden orbs, I began to move aunty closer to the bed.

Then I pushed her back onto it, lifted her left leg over the back, pulled the panties away from her hole, and positioned myself at her entrance. Balancing my body with outstretched arms, I pushed hard to enter her. I got nowhere. I pushed again. Still I couldn't get into her pussy.

Now that I was in, my confidence returned, and I began to fuck aunty with all my might. With her mouth partly open and her eyes shut tight, aunty squealed in pleasure as I ripped into her. As aunt's hands moved down to my ass, and she began to clench my buttocks, I knew that my constant banging was bringing her off. Then, I felt my own juices stir. I let my arms drop so that our bodies rubbed together. I felt her body stiffen in orgasm. As her choot contracted and expanded, I sensed I was about to cum myself. Just as the flood came, I let her have it all.

It must have been about two in the morning when my next erection woke me up. Aunty was lying naked to my right, with her back to me. . I could feel the tip of my knob touching her skin, and I wanted to be inside her again. She rolled completely over onto her front, and, arching her back, stuck her butt invitingly into the air. As I turned on the bedside light, I could see a jar of petroleum jelly on the dressing table. I opened it up and took out a large glob on the end of my forefinger. I separated aunt's butt cheeks, and rubbed the jelly around her arse hole.

I stuck my finger a little way inside. Aunty moaned as the tip of my finger entered her arse. Suddenly, I positioned myself in between her legs, took hold of my prick in my right hand, and moved it around her anus. When I was happy that I had it in just the right position, I put all of my weight onto my hips, and thrust into her. My dick burst up her anal walls right up to the hilt.

Aunty let out a painful scream. It pleased me to know that she was in agony, and I thrust in and out violently as she whimpered into the pillow. After five minutes of this, aunty becomes silent. I felt myself about to cum, so I took hold of her hips and began to squeeze them tightly. I wanted to shoot over her face.

So, when I was just seconds away from exploding, I pulled out of aunt's anus with a loud plop, straddled quickly up to her head, turned it around roughly with my left hand so that she faced my prick, but as the first spurt came out I rubbed it over her lips anyway. As I pulled at the full length of my shaft, all of my gooey cum shot over aunt's face and hair. When I was all through, her face looked like it was covered in double cream. As my dick went placid, I smeared the spunk all over Shilpa aunt's face. She thanked me for satisfying her and filling in the gap of my father.

I continued to fuck her from then, everyday and every night. When uncle returned we had to be very careful not to show signs of our involvement. But she managed it all. We could sneak in her bedroom after father left for his job and fucked our brains out. After one month my uncle went to another of his tours, this time for 2 months. One-day Sushama aunty really surprised me. I came from the college a bit early and Shilpa aunty opened the door for me.

I was a little taken aback to see another lady standing by the couch. 'Raj, I'd like you to meet an old friend of mine, Mrs. Sharan.' Sushama aunty said from behind me. I was unusually shy now, and just nodded at the stranger. 'Very pleased to meet you Raj,' Mrs. Sharan began, 'your aunt's been telling me all about you.' I turned to aunty with a real look of concern on my face. Don't worry, Raj,' said aunty. 'Mrs. Sharan and I are good friends, very, very good friends, if you catch what I mean.' she continued, with one of those dirty grins passing over her lips. She visits me when you uncle is away on business trip, just to make me happy as you did. And with this aunty winked at me. 'I just thought that it might be a nice change to have somebody joins in our little sessions. And she is the right perraj. She and I are lovers if you know what I am saying' come over here both of you. Let me break the ice.

Sushama aunty said now watches this Raj. With a nod to Mrs. Sharan both ladies began to undo their saris and blouse. I watched, open mouthed, as they stood together in the middle of the room, and let their saris fall to their feet. Underneath, Sushama aunty and Mrs. Sharan was both wearing white petticoat that was tight enough to show me the curves of their ass. Mrs. Sharan was no more than five feet two even in her high heels.

She had long, straight black hair, a prominent, angular face with high cheekbones, and was a skinny as a rake. 'Drop your books and come over to us.' Mrs. Sharan ordered. It felt as though I was in a trance as I obeyed. They both smelt nice as I stood in between them. Mrs. Sharan took hold of my right hand and inspected it. 'He's a fine boy,' she said to Sushama aunty. 'And such strong hands.' as aunty nodded assent, Mrs. Sharan began to move her hands up to my shirt buttons.

I stood there motionless, and felt like a slave being examined as she began to take off my shirt. Standing bare cheated in front of them, both ladies began to let their hands explore my torso. Aunty and Mrs. Sharan saw the movement in my trousers too. They let their hands move slowly down from my shoulders, and over my ribs and stomach, until they were playfully within touching distance of my belt. Mrs. Sharan looked up at Sushama aunty. 'May I?' she said. 'Of course you can, dear.' aunty replied. Knowing full well what Mrs. Sharan meant. Slowly, the stranger moved her small hand onto my belt buckle. She had the longest nails I had ever seen.

They were painted a deep purple and matched the shiny gloss on her narrow. I was still speechless as she began to undo my trouser zipper. Aunty was switching her gaze back and forth between Mrs. Sharan and me. I could tell from the look on Shilpa aunt's eyes that she was excited. At last, Mrs. Sharan let my jeans slip to my ankles, exposing the huge bulge in my shorts. She licked her thin lips with the look of a cruel kid about to pull the wings off a live fly, as she tucked her thumbs under the waistband of my undies. As she slowly pulled them down, my erect, pulsating phallus sprang up to vertical. Mrs. Sharan let out an audible moan.

Aunty looked at her with an expression of what can only be described as family pride. Mrs. Sharan brought a teasing forefinger to her mouth, wet the tip with her tongue, and rubbed the very end of my knob in slow circles. I stiffened even more at her touch. Mrs. Sharan was pleased by my reaction. She cupped my shaft in the palm of her left hand and began to pull me off. Aunty moved her right hand from my hip and began to squeeze my heavy balls. Man, the pleasure was so great that I had to hold onto their bare, soft shoulders to keep myself upright.

Suddenly, Mrs. Sharan looked up at aunty and said: 'get him on the couch, I've got to chew him.' the ladies pushed me back until the back of my knees gave way, and I fell on the couch, with aunty sitting to my right, and Mrs. Sharan kneeling on the floor to my left. I looked on as Mrs. Sharan took hold of my prick in her small right hand and brought her head towards it.

But just as she was about to envelop me, aunt's hands took hold of my face, turned it towards her, and brought her mouth to mine. As aunt's tongue explored every corner of my mouth, her hands blocked the view I wanted to see, of my dick being gorged upon by her friend. But then I realized, that having my body twisted at the waist, being blown off by an unseen lover, whilst being French kissed by another, was just the biggest turn on ever. I was soon ready to shoot my load. Both ladies sensed it too.

Mrs. Sharan started to move her mouth and hand faster up and down my tool. Caught in aunt's vice like hands, and unable to swallow, my mouth was filling up with her saliva, as she pressed her slobbering lips over mine. With hardly any notice at all, the lower part of my body went into spasm, as I injected both balls of spunk into Mrs. Sharan's mouth. As I felt her swallowing my load, I bit hard on aunt's bottom lip, forcing her to release me just in time to see Mrs. Sharan take the last few drops. From behind me, I heard aunty tell Mrs. Sharan to save some for her.

Too late, I thought to myself, it's all gone. I didn't know then, though, what it was that aunty had in mind. She stood up from the couch and knelt down beside Mrs. Sharan. Mrs. Sharan parted her lips enough for me to see that there was still some of my cum in her mouth. Aunty took hold of Mrs. Sharan roughly by her upper arms, and the mouth that had been kissing me just a few seconds earlier was now pressed tightly over Mrs. Sharan's. The two ladies necked each other passionately.

I could see strands of my spunk pass between them as their tongues interlocked. They continued like this for about five minutes. I had never seen two women together in real life, and its effect was almost instant; I was starting to get hard again. They each pulled the others Basques down enough to expose their breasts.

Mrs. Sharan fondled and massaged aunt's tits, before bringing her mouth down to her hardening nipples. Aunt's eyes rolled in delight as her friend bit and sucked on her teats. With a low groan, as an orgasm hit her, aunty forced Mrs. Sharan onto her back and began to lick her small tits, in turn. I watched as the smaller ladies' right hand disappeared down aunt's skimpy panties and began to move around. Aunty was soon squealing again, and now her hand found its way into Mrs. Sharan's knickers.

Both women were soon frigging each other furiously to a mutual, noisy climax. I was hard as rock again as the two ladies lay on the floor, trying to recover their breathing. I took my chance, stood up with my trousers still around my ankles, and finally shuffled towards Mrs. Sharan's parted legs.


I am Krishna, 23 years young, energetic and staying in the most wonderful city of Hyderabad, in India. I had completed my engineering but this incident took place when I was doing my engineering. I am a regular reader of this site. This happened one year back in 2009 with my sweet cousin, Preeti. She has a very good figure with nice curves of 32-28-36. She has a very smooth skin fair in color, big boobs, long hair and a big round ass. She was 20 years at that time. There happened to be a wedding of one of our close relative in Hyderabad.

The wedding was to take place on 25th November and my parents had decided to leave on 22nd evening as they we were asked to come few days earlier than marriage. I knew that the whole family had to go, but as I was not interested to go I had told to my parents that I had to prepare for my exams, and thought that I would spend the time with my friends, by going around and having fun, but never knew that there is something good stored in for me. One day my mother received a call from my aunty that they would be coming to Hyderabad on 20th November, from Vizag to attend the same marriage as they were invited to attend the marriage and that they would like to go along with all of us.

My mother and father went to receive my aunty and uncle from station. I was at home watching TV. Until they arrived home I never knew that their daughter, Preeti was also accompanying them. When I saw her along with them, I was happy that she had also come, as it has been a very long time since I met her. She was developed a lot and was her figure too, much for her age; her big boobs which I could see were trying to get out of her kameez. I had no bad intentions or thoughts towards her as to have sex with her at that time.

That night at around nine o clock Preeti and my sister entered my room and I was happy to see them, especially Preeti. As both of them were feeling bored they had come to spend some time in my room, as I had a computer in my room. My sister had worn suit salwar and Preeti had worn a pink nightie, wherein I could clearly see her pink bra and panty underneath. My cock began to rise up, seeing Preeti, to hide my erection I got up from my bed. I switched on the computer and started to play some songs. Later I suggested playing caroms, to which Preeti agreed but my sister was in no way interested to play.

We both started playing and my sister was just watching us. At around 10'o clock my sister asked Preeti whether she would come along with her as she is feeling sleepy. Preeti did not want to sleep as she was enjoying the game, she said that she would come after some time and told my sister to go and sleep, so she bid both of us good night and left to her room. It was decided that my parents would sleep in one room, uncle and aunt in another, Preeti was to sleep in my sister's room and I had to sleep in my room.

Anyhow Preeti and I continued playing caroms; I was enjoying playing with her as she was giving me a very tough competition to win. When we both looked at the watch it was one o clock. I asked her to go and sleep, as it has been very long since we have been playing. She did not wished to go and wanted to continue playing, but I said her that it would not be good if any one of our parents finds us playing that late at night, to which she agreed. She bid me good night and left my room, as she had to sleep along with my sister.

While she was leaving I got a good back view of her body and ass. After she left the room, I fantasized as having sex with her on my bed. I had also got a good view of the entrance of her fair boobs while we were playing caroms every minute as she bent to play the shot. I wanted to have sex with her then and there but was afraid, if she complains about it to my parents or someone might see us. I switched off my computer, and slept fantasizing about having sex with Preeti.

After all left for the marriage I told Preeti that I am going to my room to prepare for my exams and asked her as to what she would be doing. She told that she would first have a bath as she did not had bath that day, and after which she would use my computer which was in my room and thereafter if I finish up with my studies that we would play caroms.

When I heard that she did not have her bath I was a bit surprised as whenever I had visited their home she use to have had her bath before seven o clock every day. But any way's, as I was alone in home with her, I was no more interested in studies right then as I had more important subject in my mind which was Preeti. I excused myself from her and went to my room to study as a decent boy. I went towards my room and she towards my sister's room to have her bath. I came back to my room and started fantasizing about having sex with her.

Even after half an hour when she did not come to my room, I came out of my room as to find out the reason. I went near my sisters room and started to watch out as to what is she been doing. I started seeing through the keyhole. After few minutes I saw Preeti coming out of the bathroom, she had a towel wrapped around her body. She came out and removed her towel. She had already worn her panty and bra in the bathroom itself. I was feeling a little bit unlucky for this.

At that very moment I was feeling very much horny by seeing her white thighs and waist. I wanted to rush in and express my desire to her but was a bit afraid. I caught hold of my cock and started masturbating there itself. After drying herself in the room Preeti went back into the bathroom in her bra and panty. I came back to my room and was thinking more of Preeti than of studies, because of what I have seen just few moments ago.

After fifteen minutes I heard a knock on my door, I got back into my senses and asked her to come inside. When she opened the door what I saw awesome. She had worn a see through yellow nightie, which clearly gave a good view about her stats. Below her nightie she wore a matching bra and panty, which were also yellow in color.

She was more like an angel to me at that moment. I did not know as how to handle the situation as my cock, which had started to get hard again on seeing her is such a presentable manner. I somehow tried to hide my erection, by folding my legs on my bed. I was not sure whether she had noticed it or not. I told her that I have to study a little more after which I would be free, and during that time to use my computer, as she does not get bored.

I stood up and started the computer, for her to use and came back to my bed to study, which I was not doing. The computer was placed in such a manner that the person whoever uses it, his back is faced towards the bed. Preeti sat on the computer and started playing on it. During that time as she was facing backwards towards me I started seeing her bra and panty.

I started to think as to whether all this is an invitation for me to have sex with her, or whether she did not know as to what effect she was having on me. At that moment I wanted to catch hold of her from behind and have sex with her but I was a bit reluctant and thought that I should first try to find out pretty's intentions.

After few minutes I told her that I am through my studies and now that we can play caroms. I told her to bring the carom board onto the bed. She bought the carom board and the coins to the bed. I asked her to place the coins onto the board; in the mean time I went near to my computer and started playing songs on my computer. I came back to the bed, by the time I was back the coins had been placed on the board and Preeti was ready for the play.

We started to play caroms, listening to music. I was more interested to get a glimpse of her body from her see threw nightie than the music or caroms. For me carom was just a medium for Preeti being close to me. After some time the power went off, but also we continued playing. It was too hot and I could feel it through the sweat that had been started to flow from her neck.

Later I saw that her nightie had been wet, with her sweat. The nightie was touching her bra, due to which I was able to get a good view of her boobs. She might have noticed me seeing her, because she excused herself and left the room.

After fifteen minutes, even when she was not back, I just got out of my room as to find as to where Preeti is. I searched her in the hall and the kitchen but did not find her there, so I thought that she might be in my sister's room, so I went to my sister's room. I tried to open the door but was not able to do so as she had bolted the door from inside.

So I decided to watch as to what she has been doing, through the keyhole of the room. When I peeped through the keyhole, I saw that she had just then come out from the bathroom after a bath in a towel. Preeti came out of the bathroom and stood facing her back towards the door. I thought that she might have worn her bra and panty inside itself, but I was proved wrong when she removed her towel from her smooth body. In fact she was naked below the towel. When she removed the towel from her body I got excited as I got a good view of her naked ass and body, since she had been facing against the door and me.

Seeing Preeti in such a state, I felt happy, but knew not much can be done right then as the room was bolted from inside. I caught hold of my cock and started masturbating, continuing to still watch her through the keyhole. I was happy to see her stark naked ass and back body, which was very smooth and fair in color.

I had crossed my fingers and started to watch through the keyhole constantly, as I was expecting to see more of her if she turns around, that is her pussy and her boobs. But that did not happen, she lifted a pink panty placed in front of her and started wearing it. When she has bent to wear her panty, I got a glimpse of her skin ahead of her ass. After wearing her panty she lifted a pink bra and wore it, after which she again started to wear the pink nightie, the same one which she wore the previous night.

When I saw that she had worn her nightie, I came back to my room, and started masturbating. I was feeling very much horny because of what I have seen just few seconds before. Those scenes were running across through my mind. After ten minutes, Preeti came to my room, in the same clothes, which I had seen her wearing just few minutes earlier. She had entered without knocking the door as I had told her that there is no need of knocking the door.

As I saw the door opening I brought my hands out of the bed sheet. When she entered the room I was feeling nervous as I was lying under the bed sheet stark naked and had been masturbating thinking of her. She came near the bed and asked me to get up, so that we start playing caroms. I was thinking as how to wear my clothes, which were also lying under the same bed sheet. I got an idea and told her to fetch some water for me from the kitchen, as I am feeling thirsty.

I knew that by the time she would fetch a glass of water I could easily wear my clothes. She obliged to do that for me, and left saying that I have to play caroms when she returns back. As she left the room I stood up caught hold of my clothes and rushed into my bathroom. I went into the bathroom and started to masturbate, as I was feeling hornier.

Within few minutes I heard Preeti calling up my name as she had brought water for me. Listening to her I said that I am in the bathroom and to wait for five minutes. I wore my t-shirt, underwear and shorts after washing my face. After coming out of the bathroom Preeti handed out the glass of water, which I had requested for. I told her that I had gone to the bathroom to freshen up, as I was feeling sleepy and that I had to be awake to play caroms. I felt happy that she did not come to know about the situation under which I was lying under my bed sheet. We stated to play caroms.

The power was restored while we had just started to play caroms. As the power came back I got up and switched the computer on and started to play songs on it. After starting the songs to be played on the computer I retuned back onto the bed to play caroms. While we started to play my eyes were travelling all over her body. My eyes were more stuck on her big boobs, as I was able to get a good view of them through her transparent nightie or whenever she bent a little bit forward to play the shot or to collect the coin from me.

We continued playing caroms until we heard the doorbell ring. Then the watch was showing 4' o clock on it. I thought it might be someone else as both of our parents were to return not before five o clock. We both came out of the room. She stood a bit far away from me while I peeped through the door hole to watch who it was. To my surprise it was my mother, aunty and uncle. And before opening the door I told Preeti about it.

As I was about to open the door Preeti told me to tell her parents that she has been sleeping in my sister room, after saying this she ran towards my sister's room. I opened the door, and welcomed them. My mother enquired me as to why it took so much time to open the door. I told my mother that Preeti might have not heard the doorbell ring as she was sleeping in my sister's room and that I was in the bathroom when the doorbell rang. I thought that she was satisfied by my answer because she did not question me anymore further on that.

I was feeling bad that mother and Pretty's parents were back before the expected time. To know the reason I asked mother as how come they have been back so early. She replied that they had found the relative door locked to whom they had to meet, and told that they would visit them after coming back from the wedding. I went to my room switched the computer off and removed the carom board from my bed, after which I came out to the hall and started watching TV.

Aunty and uncle came and sat close to me and started watching TV along with me. I was wondering as what Preeti has been doing for such a long time as I knew that mother was in the kitchen preparing tea for all of us, and uncle and aunt were near me. Mother brought the tea for all of us. Seeing Preeti missing she went to the room to wake her up.

My mother came back and told that Preeti would be coming within few minutes. After five minutes Preeti came to the hall. I was surprised when I saw her, as right then she was all together a different Preeti. She came out of the room not in the pink nightie but in suit salwar, which was not a see through one. After coming out from the room she sat close to my mother.

Her mother enquired whether she is all right or not. She said that she is all right and that she was feeling sleepy. I was shocked to see her in such clothes. I started thinking that, as she had to change her clothes she had gone to my sister's room when I was about to open the door when my mother and her parents were back. After having her tea Preeti left to the room stating that she wanted to take some rest.

My sister and father came as usual, when we were still watching TV. Mother prepared food for all of us. We had our dinner together after which each one of us left for our respective rooms to take rest, as all of them were supposed to leave the city for the marriage, the next evening.

I came back to my room and slept. I started thinking that I would be left all alone next day and thought that, I should not had decided, not to go for the wedding as I would have been able to spend some more time with Preeti. I started masturbating thinking of all what I have been experiencing since morning with Preeti, as her fair body was flashing in front of my eyes.

But I became sure of one thing which was that Preeti had been trying to tempt me towards her by the dress she had been wearing when her parents were not at home. I slept that night fantasizing about fucking Preeti on my bed and with lots of questions running in my mind.

Next morning that is 22nd January, I got up a bit early and was waiting for Preeti in my room thinking that she would bring a cup of coffee for me, but she did not come to my room nor today morning or the previous night. I was a bit worried and came out of my room to know the reason. When I came out of my room I found my sister working in the kitchen and uncle watching TV.

I did not find my mother, aunty and Preeti in the home. To know where they have gone I went to my uncle, wished him good morning and asked him about three of them. Uncle told that they had gone to the doctor for a check up, as Preeti has been not feeling well since yesterday night. Listening to this I got more worried. I knew that father had gone to the office and he was expected to be back in the afternoon, as they had to leave for the wedding at Bangalore that evening at around six o clock. I sat nearby my uncle and started to watch TV. Though I was watching the TV, I was thinking about Preeti, and was praying that she should be all right.

After half an hour the doorbell rang. I got up from my seat to open the door. It was my mother, aunty and Preeti back home. After getting inside the hall, mother carried Preeti to my sister's room to make her lie on the bed. I asked aunty is everything all right. She said that everything is all right and that the doctor had advised and recommended Preeti for a total bed rest for eight to ten day. I was feeling happy listening to this, as Preeti might have to stay back home.

Aunty said that she is worried that how can they leave Preeti all alone in the home and that somebody might have to miss the marriage due to her as someone had to stay back to take care of her. Just then mother came back and told aunty that she need not worry as I was staying back home and not going for the wedding and that I would take care of Preeti. After listening to this, aunty had a sign of relaxation on her face. She did not know that I was not going to the marriage until my mother informed her. I was delighted when I heard from my aunty mouth that they would leave Preeti back under my guidance, to take care of her.

After listening to this I came back to my room to have a bath. While having bath I masturbated thinking that Preeti and I would be all alone for next one week and was desperately waiting for all of them to leave. After having bath I came back to the hall to see the proceeding. Father was back from his office; he had gone to the office to apply for his leaves. In afternoon at around one o clock we all had our lunch together except for Preeti and my sister as they both were having their lunch in my sister's room. After having my lunch I went into my sister's room to enquire as how Preeti is feeling.

When I entered the room I found my sister busy in her packing and Preeti sleeping. My sister told me not to wake up Preeti as she had slept few moments earlier. So I asked my sister how pretty's health is right then. She told that it had improved a bit after giving her the medicine prescribed by the doctor. Listening to this I came back to my room and started waiting for all of them to leave.

At around three o clock I went into the room where my aunty and uncle were present. I entered their room and asked my aunt if they need any help from me to pack their bags. She said that she needed help from me but that's not for packing her bags. I was a bit confused listening to this. She said that the help she required is that I take care of her daughter, Preeti. She said that she did not like to leave Preeti but as the doctor had strongly advised her to take rest she had to do so. I assured my aunty that she need not worry about Preeti as I would take care of her and that she would be all right by the time they all come back home. She felt happy listening to this and said that she would fulfil one wish, whatever I wished for. I had there it thought as to what I would wish for, from her. I left the room and went into my parent's room and asked them if they required any help from me for packing. They said that they had almost completed their packing, and said that I can hel
p them by getting few goods from the market, which my mother had written, on a paper.

I went to the super market and bought back all the goods listed in the paper. When I returned home and saw the watch, it was showing 5' o clock. I went to my parent's room and handed all the goods, after which I came back to my room. I now knew that they all would be leaving the home within an hour or so.

I desperately started waiting for all of them to leave, as I knew that Preeti and I would be the only ones left behind. I think the time was moving slowly as each second was looking like an hour for me. Just as to pass the time swiftly I started my computer and logged onto the net. I started chatting with a friend of mine who also had logged on just then. We might have chatted nearly for an hour or so when I heard my mother calling out my name from the hall. I excused myself from my friend and told him that I would be back in ten to fifteen minutes.

When I came out of my room I saw that all of them were ready to leave. Preeti was not present there, as all of them had gone into my sister's room and visited her, and had asked her not to get up and take rest. Before leaving all of them told her to take rest. I thought to myself that the moment had finally arrived and was now happy about my decision of staying back. They all once again told me take care of Preeti carefully, and to contact them through my father's cell if any urgency arises. I once again told that they need not worry about Preeti and that I would take care of all her needs and wants. I wished all of them a happy journey while the car was about to leave.

When they left, I locked the main entrance, so that no one should be able to enter the house. After this I closed the door of the house and straight away walked where Preeti was lying. She was lying on the bed with her eyes open. I asked her as to how her health is? She told that she is all right now and that there is nothing to worry about. She asked me whether we could play caroms. I told her that not today as her health is not good and that we would be playing the next day.

I felt a ray of disappointment on her face, but for me her health was more important than any other thing. I told her that she should take a lot of rest so that she gets well and that we can play caroms the next day. I told her to sleep, before I was about to leave for my room. She told me that she is afraid of sleeping alone and requested me that whether she can sleep in my room. While I was listening to these words, I thought to myself here's an opportunity knocking at your doorsteps. I told her that she is always welcome to sleep in my bedroom.

I saw a ray of happiness on her face when I told her that she could share my bed. She said that she would be coming to my room within ten minutes. I left for my room and sat on the computer and continued chatting with my friend to whom I had asked to wait. After ten minutes I heard my room door open. Preeti came in and what she was wearing made me go mad about her. What she was wearing right then was totally different from what she had been wearing the earlier. She had come to my room in a white transparent nightie with a black lacy bra and panty inside.

The nightie was short as it came just unto her knees. It had buttons in front of it. I had got a hard on seeing her. To hide my hard on I did not get up from my chair and from there it told her to sleep on the bed. I had already placed two blankets to cover us, one for her, and the other for me. I saw her lying down on my bed and covering herself with the blanket. I continued chatting with my friend. I was no more interested to chat with my friend, having such a beautiful girl whom I can have, in my room.

But I continued chatting for almost half an hour so that I find Preeti sleeping when I enter the bed. It was 7' o clock when I called Preeti with her name. She did not respond, so I went near her and again called her but also she did not make any movement. I felt sure that Preeti is in her sleep. I went back to the computer, bid my friend good-bye and switched off the computer after logging off from the net. Then I switched off the light and switched on the bed lamp so that there be some light in the room.

I slowly slept on my bed and covered myself with the other blanket, which I had placed there. I continued thinking about Preeti and the way she had been portraying herself by wearing transparent and short clothes, through which I could easily have a clear view of her bra and panties. As I was getting hornier I thought that she might also be interested to make love with me as I had been seeing her using transparent clothes only in front of me. After fifteen minutes of lying on the bed, I thought to myself it is now or never.

So I slowly got out of my blanket and got into the blanket in which Preeti was lying. Now I was lying beside her under one blanket. She had her back facing towards me. I slowly placed my hands over her shoulder, and made them resting on her boobs. My cock was erect and was touching the crack of her ass. I was acting as if I am in my sleep. After few minutes later as I saw that there has been no objection or movement from Preeti after placing my hand on her boobs, encouraged by this I slowly started to remove the buttons of her nightie.

After I had finished removing her top five buttons, I slowly crawled my right hand inside her nightie and placed them on her bra. I started to feel her smooth skin of her boobs, which had not been covered by the bra. I felt that she was awake as I felt her heart beating faster, but there was no movement of objection from her side. Encouraged by this I slowly pulled her bra down, as I could not remove it, as it had its hooks on the back.

After pulling her bra down I started to slowly press her boobs. It was like pressing a sponge ball. They were too soft and big. This was my first time for me, for touching the boobs of any girl. In between I also pressed her nipples. I was not sure is she asleep or awake as her back was towards me and I could not see her face. After nearly fifteen minutes of pressing, I slowly took my right hand down towards her pussy. I placed my hand on her pussy, which was covered with her black panty. It had a wet spot on it.

I was very much sure that Preeti was not sleeping because as I placed my hand on her panty covered pussy; I could feel a sense of shiver running all over her body. And by the thought that Preeti is awake and might be enjoying what I am doing to her, I slowly started rubbing her pussy through the panty, I don't know how Preeti might had felt but for me, I was feeling happy about it. As I was rubbing I could feel her panty getting more and wet.

I could also feel the curves of her pussy through the panty. To feel more of her, I slowly inserted my hand inside of her panty. When I touched her naked pussy with my hand, it had sent a sizzling feeling in me. This was the first time ever for me to touch a pussy. She still had her back facing towards me. I started rubbing her pussy.

I think she was enjoying it as I felt some liquid flowing out from her pussy. After some time I slowly stated finger fucking her pussy. Nearly after twenty minutes of rubbing and figure fucking her pussy, I thought to myself, of involving Preeti into the act by waking her up. So I slowly removed my hand out and pulled her body sideways. Now she was lying facing the roof. I slowly took my face near her face and started kissing.

As I was kissing, I saw Preeti opening her eyes. Just to know whether she is interested in me or not I moved back by seeing her opening her eyes as if I had got afraid of her. After opening her eyes, she said not to stop and continue as she had been longing for such a moment, from a very long time, since I had visited them the last time. Listening to this gave me more encouragement and moreover it was a green signal forms her side for me to continue. As she completed her words I again placed my lips on hers and continued kissing her.

We both were trying to insert our tongue in each other's mouth. While we were kissing she raised her hand and with in no time removed my shirt and pulled down my trousers. I was only left in my underwear. She as well removed my underwear and was surprised to see such a huge cock. She caught hold of my cock and started rubbing her hands up and down on my cock, which was giving me an immense pleasure. Now I was totally naked in front of her.

Nearly after fifteen minutes of kissing, I made her to raise her body up to remove her nightie after opening the rest of the buttons of her nightie. Now she was in her black bra and panty. The bra was below her boobs, exposing her boobs as I had pulled them down in the beginning. I took my hand behind her and removed the hooks and removed her bra.

This was the first time for me to see the boobs from such a close distance and more over being able to touch them. Her boobs were fair with brown color nipples. The nipples were adding more beauty to her boobs. It was like a cherry placed on the cake. After removing her bra I took my mouth near her left boob and started sucking it. While I was sucking her I started pressing her right boob with my right hand. After some time I started sucking from her right boob and this time I took my right hand below and inserted it into her panty. I was now sucking her right boob and at the same time rubbing her pussy with my right hand and few times also inserted two, three fingers in her pussy, which was moist with her pussy juices.

I wanted to see her totally naked, so I made her stand on the bed and slowly started pulling her panty down with the help on my teeth. She was enjoying what I was doing to her because she kept on saying that you make me feel so good. Now Preeti was in all her glory, totally naked. She had a shaved pussy, which was pink in color. This was the first time for me to see a girl totally naked.

I went down to her toe and slowly started licking her up with my tongue and slowly started to move up. When I came near her pussy I made few circles around her pussy, this was the first time for me to see a pussy from so close; again I continued my journey upwards. As I reached near the boobs, I took my tongue in between of her boobs. After which I continued my journey more upwards. When I reached her mouth I started kissing her. Now both of us were standing on the bed totally naked, we both of us had our hands around each other.

My cock was touching her pussy and her boobs with my chest, which were creating a sensational feeling of joy within me. I broke the kiss and lied down on the bed. I asked her to suck my cock with her mouth, which she obliged. She sat in between of my legs and slowly started to take my cock in her mouth. She was making her mouth move up and down of my cock which was giving me a great pleasure, but she was not able to swallow the whole of my cock in her mouth.

After sometime I turned her around and came into 69 position. I was lying on the bed sucking her pussy from below and she was on top of me sucking my cock. While I was sucking her, I also inserted my fingers in her pussy in between. I could sense my orgasm building up, in me. Preeti also started shouting that she is about to cum, and in no time she started to cum. Her orgasm started flowing out from her pussy. I tried to swallow them, as much as possible.

As she was Cumming, I also felt a pressure building up and in no time I also started Cumming, which she started to drink. After this, we were lying on each other facing in opposite directions. Again I made her turn upside down so that we are facing each other. I turned her up and again started to play with her pussy with my hand, she regained her conscious and asked me to start fucking her as she can no longer wait to see my cock going inside her.

I was in no mood to fuck her as easily as she had been making me feel horny by wearing transparent clothes, for the past few days. So I went to bring the honey bottle from the kitchen. When I came back to the room, I could see a sign of confusion in pretty's eyes as I had a honey bottle with me. She asked me what for is the honey bottle. I told her to just wait and watch.

I made her lie on the bed facing the ceiling. I opened the honey bottle and slowly started to pour the honey all over her body. After pouring the honey I started spreading the honey all over her body with the help of my hand. All done I started licking the honey from her body with the help of my tongue from her toe. I licked the honey from all over her body except from her boobs and pussy.

Now the honey was left on her boobs and pussy. I placed my tongue on her boobs and started licking the honey and in between even sucked her nipple. I was pleasure sucking and licking her boobs. I even bit her nipples few times with my teeth. After cleaning her boobs with my tongue I came to the last but not the least area of her body left with honey. I sat between her thighs, dropped my head lower and started licking the honey from her pussy. The honey tasted sweeter than all the previous ones, I thought it might be because of her pussy juices mixed in it. While licking honey from her pussy, I placed my hand below her and started to rub her ass.

After licking the honey from the pussy I made her turn around and started sucking her ass. With my hands I tried to spread her ass so that I can get easy access to her ass. In between I was able to insert one figure in her ass. But, I was not able to insert more as her ass was too tight like her pussy.

While sucking her ass, Preeti started shouting to fuck her immediately and that she can no longer wait to see my cock going inside her. I also was in no state to wait longer, so I again made her lie facing the ceiling. I got on top of her and placed my cock near her pussy. Just to tease her more, I started circling the cock near her pussy. This act made her shouts on top of her voice saying that "please fuck me first and then do whatever you like or wish". Listening to this me placed my cock on the entrance of her pussy. I knew that it was the first time for both of us so I did not want to start and end fast. I slowly started pushing my cock in her pussy.

Her pussy was too tight but the juices coming out from her pussy was helping the cock to slide a bit with each and every push. Every push was causing pain to Preeti, so I asked Preeti whether should I stop, to which she replied that the pleasure she is been receiving is much more than the pain received. So I continued pushing my cock inside her pussy.

After five push I found more than half of my cock in her, so I slowly pulled out my cock and pushed it with more force. With this push I could feel her hymen broke and my cock was totally inside her pussy. To minimize her pain I started kissing her and lay there with my cock in her pussy.

After sometime I started to penetrate in her pussy by removing my cock and again ramming it back in the pussy. I started to fuck her in and out for nearly fifteen minutes as I felt orgasms building up in me. Preeti had already started to cum as I could feel her hot liquid touching my cock while sliding in and out of her pussy and more over it was working like lubrication for my cock, as I was able to push my cock a bit more easily. I could also feel pretty's pussy contracting around my cock with each push inside of her pussy. I made her to come above me by sliding towards my left with still the cock inside her pussy.

Now she was on top of me and I was lying below her. I asked her to move up and down of my cock. She started to move her pussy in and out of my cock. With every thirst of hers I was raising my ass .It was creating a sensational feeling within me. I was on top of the world, while I felt her pussy going in and out of my cock and could not imagine my luck to fuck such a beautiful girl whom I had been fantasizing and masturbating few days back. The pressure kept on increasing within me. As I was about to release my cum, I removed my cock from her pussy and made her lie on the bed after which I placed the cock in pretty's mouth and asked her to swallow.

I was in a kneeling position with my cock in her mouth. As I was Cumming, Preeti tried to swallow the cum, as much as she can, but could not do so as I could see more of cum dripping from her mouth. When I stopped Cumming Preeti cleaned the cock with her tongue, which gave me a lot of pleasure. After this we collapsed on the bed in each other arms with my cock touching her pussy.

While we were lying Preeti thanked me for making her feel so good in the bed and at the same time I also thanked her for allowing me to have her by staying back, by not attending the wedding. She confessed that she was all right and that she had bribed the doctor to tell lies that she required complete bed rest so that she could stay back and have sex with me. She had made this plan after she came to know from my sister on 21st night that I would not be going for the wedding. She also apologized for making me feel horny by wearing such transparent clothes wherein I could see her bra and panty. This meant that she knew what affect her dress has been having on me and that she wore that dress intentionally.

She also said that she wanted to get fucked the very first night she had come to our home, but was not able to express me as to what I would say or react towards her. I told her that she need not worry and that we could continue to have each other throughout our life. I thought to myself that this was just a beginning towards a whole new world.

As we were lying down, I was still fingering pretty in her pussy I got a call on my cell phone, which was from my father. He had called up to bid me good night and to know the health status of Preeti. Still fingering pretty's pussy I replied back to my father that Preeti is all right and that there is some improvement in her health. I bid my father good night and switched off my cell phone, so that I don't get disturb again.

We had sex three more times that night in different positions and at different places in the house. I even got to fuck up her ass as well. I had sex with her till the day she had left for Punjab. I even fucked her mother, which Preeti is not aware of, by utilizing the wish she had promised me to fulfil if she finds her daughter, Preeti all right when they return from wedding and for taking care of Preeti. All these and more in my future stories to come, depending upon the response and encouragement, I will be receiving from my experienced and inexperienced fans. Wishing all out there showers of blessings and good-bye.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Entered My Sister

I was doing poorly in some classes in college so I called my sister to come over and talk. I needed some assurance, I needed to knoe that I could pull myself up. I was assured in less than 2 seconds of her saying "sure". The hug sort of turned me on. I had a hardon. As we broke, she placed her hand on my pants to get balance and felt something. "Oo, what's that?" "Oh, sorry Karen, you gave me an erection with that hug." I was embarrased as hell.

"Can I see?" "What the...she's my sister! " Now, I was shocked!! Karen has never mentioned this sort of thing to me in the past. In fact, she cringes at the sight of a males' private parts saying that they spoil the illusion (she attends Man Power night's every chance she gets).

"Come on... show me." "Ok, ok, hang on." I couldn't believe what I was doing, but I unziped my fly anyway. Out it came. Just a little droopy, but still in good condition. Before I could lift my head to look at her face, she dove for it! I removed my hand from the base, and she swolled it whole.

"Jesus, what is she doing" I thought. "God, Greg, just go with the flow, after all, it's what you've always wanted, right?" She put pressure on my penis and began to move her head up and down. Down and up she went. Her toungue giving it a good lashing. She removed her head and gave it a good pull with a tight grip. Oh, how I wanted to fuck my sister badly. She then coated it with saliva and I was reaching the point of no return.

Faster and faser she moved her head. I groaned and groaned. I was about to come when she lifted her head and I came all over my stomach. Streams and streams came out, like I have never seen before. "Why did you do that?" "No reason. I just did." "Shit, now I'll have to wash it off. Can I use your shower please, it went everywhere?" "Sure, go right ahead."

She had a smug look on her face as I took off my jumper and T-shirt. I removed my shoes carefully not alowing any cum to get on my clean jeans. I took off my jeans as I walked into the kitchen and on to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and removed my undies. "Jesus, what a mess. God, why couldn't she have done this properly?" The water washed the cum easily away.

"Karen, I'm just gonna take a proper shower, ok?" "Ok" she said, her voice seamed like she was close. I washed my hair and started on my lower body. Legs, arms, chest. There, done. The hot water had made me horny again, but I remembered what happened the last time, so it was fading.

"Oh, not again" I said. "What?" cried Karen as she flung back the shower curtain fully naked. Before I could answer, she was in the shower and had pushed me up against the back wall. She lowered her body just a few inches and held my dick up and pushed her stomach against it, rubbing a little. I embraced her, knowing what would come next. She put her arms around my neck and locked her legs around my waist still holding her stomach tight against mine with my throbing cock between us.

We kissed. I moved the shower rose towards us, kepping the heat up and then I turned around and pushed her up aginst the wall. I moved down and rubbed my dick up and down her slowly. This continued for a few minutes, then I said: "It's time, I want to fuck you." She nodded, "I'm ready, fuck me now."

I entered my sister. I could feel the satisfaction building. She maoned, I groaned. We wanted more. I decided on a better, more natural and comfortable position. After all, the shower was a bit awkard. I thought of the bath tub. But that was really small and I was a big boy as I thrusted once more. "Quickly, the mat!" I exclaimed. Still inside her, we moved outside of the shower, her legs still holding firm. I gently layed us down, and we continued.

My sister released her legs and arms and grabbed hold of the corner of the bath with her right arm and the wash basin drain pipe with her left. Her legs we flat on the floor and spread apart. I wanted to fuck her right over to the other side of the house, but she held firm. Thrust after thrust, I could feel the sperm bulding. Finally, I unleashed my load into her continuing for a long as I could afterwards.

She orgasmed just after I did. Oh, that did feel good. I've been wanting to do something like that to Karen for ages. Finally, I had my reward, for it was fantastic. We steped into the shower to wash the sweat off. Towelled off, and went into the lounge where the gas space heater had been turned on. We sat in the lounge facing the TV as I did before and she layed in my arms. I was in heaven.

We fell asleep for almost 2 hours, not suprising after the sensious exercise before hand. I awoke with a smile on my face and a hard no on my dick. She could feel it too as she was resting her head on my lower stomach. She must have seen it through the gap in the shower robe I was wearing, after all, it was her's.

She reached out for it and grabbed it. She then got up and led me to middle of the floor about 6 feet from the heater, but still on the rug. "Again!"she said, "I want to do it again." Without ANY hesitation I replied, "Yes!!". She let go and I undid my robe. She did the same, but erotically. Under the robe, she moved one knee infront of the other and tilted her hips.

She put her hands on her hips and let the robe drop slowly. "I don't deserve my sister" I said to myself, by my man hood had other ideas. She then kicked the robe back out of the way and dropped to the floor. She got up on all fours and turned aound, exposing her arse to me. Boy, this was a great arse, a little bigger than ususal, but I didn't care, more to hang onto.

I dropped to the floor onto all fours as well. I doggied on over to her and came up slowly from behind. Her back arched with my intensions. I stuck my toungue out and proceeded to lick her from the top of her crack, all along her spine, to the nape of her neck. She shivered. My cock grew harder with every lick, as when I neared her neck, it touched her arse, but I didn't want to go there, just a little lower was my intension.

I moved my toungue toward my sister's left breast. Then, back up and over to the other. She shivered even more. So did I with anticipation. It was time. I drew my toungue back and as I straightened up, I slid my hands along side her body, from her breasts along her rib cage towards her hips and finally to her arse. I then rubbed it in a clockwise direction once, and proceeded to guide my cock into her wet pusy.

I held her hips and gently slid it in. Not all the way, we had to get used to the new position. Out and in, in and out, slowly, until we had the motion down pat. Then I stepped up the motion. Faster and faster I thrusted into her cunt. Using my hands to really work her thighs up against mine. The pounding of flesh really turned us on. We could have done this for ages.

Finally, mutual orgasm was iminient. We both cummed like we never cummed before. Still fighting for pleasure, I, again, continued for as long as I could, giving as much pleasure to my partner as possible. I think I succeded. The pace eased and we broke.

My Sister Parted My Legs

When my sister and I were younger, we had never really got along, and had constant arguments, at times not speaking for days on end. We both agree that sex was the last thing on our minds.

It started when she was 20, (I was nearly 19), this was the first year that our parents decided that she could stay at home while they were on holiday, I kicked up such a fuss, they eventually allowed me to stay at home, (much to my sister's fury).

The first few days were hell - but has she had plans with her long time boyfriend, she was open to negotiation, and I managed to get a VERY late pass out of her, (basically, the later I came home the better). So, out with the mates I went - arrived home about midnight - everywhere was quiet, no lights etc. - in I crept, sneaked up to my bedroom, and crashed out.

It must have been about 4 in the morning, a slamming front door awoke me- I crawled out of bed to investigate. Sis was sitting on the stairs sobbing her heart out - I'd never seen her this bad, mum wasn't around to comfort her - and - well - I felt sorry for her. She was really upset, tears streaming down her face, I sat alongside her and put my arm around her shoulders, "Come on Sis", "it can't be that bad". "What do you know", she said, "You guys are all the same", as she pushed my arm away.

I didn't like seeing her in this state, we were, after all, family."Come on", I said, "Lets get you back to bed". I helped her up and led her to her bedroom."What's all this about", I inquired, "I thought you and ***** were getting along OK"."We were", she said, "Until it came to sex".

Now bear in mind this is about 20yrs ago, boys and girls played, we didn't have sex, (well at least I didn't), therefore I had had my moments, but sex was not my subject. We sat on the bed, I thought it best not to ask too much more, "Come on lie down, and try to get some sleep", I said, "You'll sort it out tomorrow".

"Oh Martin", she sobbed, "I know we don't always get on... thanks...will you stay with me until I go to sleep?". "Of course I will", I said. Not thinking anything of it, she slipped her nightie off, lay down and covered herself with a single sheet, I lay alongside her, (outside the sheet), with my arm across her shoulders.

She eventually nodded of, (after about half an hour) - I was sleepy, (must have been the under age drinking), and fell asleep alongside her. I awoke, as usual, with a raging hard-on, it must have been about 7am. Sis was already awake, and to my surprise, was sitting there looking at me. She smiled, glanced down at my, by now, throbbing penis, and said, "Typical, the thing that caused the bust up last night, greets me this morning".

I jumped up and in trying to cover myself I yanked the blanket away, leaving her totally naked, "I'm sorry sis... it just seems to happen in the morning". "Don't worry" she said, "I've seen it plenty of times before", but do you mind if I have the blanket back.... please.

I couldn't help noticing her body, (after all, I hadn't woken up beside her with a hard-on before), she was only petite, just about 5ft tall, hair - shoulder length brunette, her figure.... well, 36DD,22,35, (at least that's what she says her dimensions were then). I gave her the blanket, and covered myself with my hands. "Sorry sis", "are you OK now, what happened last night?". (I couldn't believe we were talking to each other, instead of shouting).

"You wouldn't understand", she said. "Try me, I'm nearly 16 now... you never know", I stated with confidence. With a little hesitation, she answered, "What exactly do men want, ***** and I have tried most things sexually, but.... I don't know.... how are women supposed to know exactly what pleases a man?".

"What do you mean?", I asked. "Well, take last night for instance, all goes well, until I go down on him, then it's, not so much with the hand, more with the tongue, etc. etc. - I just didn't seem to be doing anything the way he wanted", "If I started complaining of his technique, he wouldn't have liked it".

"Sorry sis, I don't have any experience of that sort of thing yet, anyway, you're the older one, you supposed to help me!" Now, at this time, I still had most of my morning hard-on, and she'd been shifting about under the thin blanket therefore I couldn't help but notice the shape of her body.... for the first time, I looked at her for what she was.... a beautiful woman, rounded firm breasts, totally flat stomach... and that butt !!!.

"And what help would you need?, the girls must be around you like bees to honey, going by what I saw of you this morning anyway", she said with a smile. "I wish", I said, "Some of the other guys seem to get all the best girls, and where are you to go to learn what pleases a girl", I enquired.

She sat there thinking for a while, "You know Mart', we may be able to help each other in that department", "We've never really had a chance to talk freely before, but while mum and dad are away.... the house is ours.... we've got nearly two weeks left.. what say we try to help each other", "come here a minute..."

She reached over and gently grabbed my penis, pulling me slowly towards her...I had no choice, (come on, she had my dick in her hand!), so I moved over to the bed. Without another word she engulfed the head in her mouth... then the shaft... then all the way down, (I believe they call it deep throat), my GOD, I had never experienced anything like this before - I stood there totally gobsmacked, (so to speak), then the 'sucking' started, her head moved up and down slowly, but my dick felt as though it was inside a Dyson vacuum cleaner, (NOT that I've ever tried that!!).

She then started to go the full length... no hands.. just SUCTION... from top to bottom, sooooo slowly I felt like I was going to burst... Of course, within a couple of strokes I did.... and she just kept going..and going..and going..Eventually, I just collasped on the bed, and she finally released me from her mouth,"Now", she said, "was there anything wrong with that?".

I felt drained, and slumped back onto the bed. Sis giggled, pulled herself onto the bed,opened my legs slightly, and gently lowered her breasts onto my penis, with her hands tenderly massaging my stomach, she moved her two firm mountains of flesh slowly up and down. I was still slightly firm, and the sensation of her tits gently moving up and down my shank. To this day, I can't describe the feeling adequatly... it was exquisite.

"My God", I said, "Where did you learn to do that?" "Where and with whom, is not important, the main thing is, was it OK?". "OK.... OK... it was bloody wicked", "What the hell is wrong with that boyfriend of yours, what more could he want".

"To be truthful Mart, I've never been able to relax enough with him to perform deep throat,he's always telling me where to put my hands, what to do with my tongue, it used to make me so tense, I just couldn't swallow him whole - and... well.... I have a confession to make, I've been wanting to do that to you for months".

"WHAT", I shouted, "With ME!!!, I thought you hated me". "Well, I did, but since you've matured, I started to notice your body more, you do walk about half naked most of the time, and a few months ago I watched you masterbating in your bedroom, you had left the door open slightly.... I couldn't help but stand and watch"

(NOTE TO OTHERS WITH A SISTER: DON't be scared of letting her see you, don't make it obvious, but her curiousity will get the better of her, she cannot stop herself from peeking, she will be as curious as you... according to my sister anyway.) Back to the story...I went bright red with embarrasment......"Don't be shy... haven't you ever looked at me in a sexual way?", she asked.

"Well", I said, "since turning 15 or so, I must say, I did try to peek on you a few times" "Men don't like the fact that women want 'uncomplicated sex' with no strings, that's how I saw you - a girl can't give into her boyfriend too quickly, and that can be VERY frustrating", she said, "that's why over the past few months, I've let you see more of me, like that time in the shower room, a week or so ago.... remember... I left the door open on purpose".

"You little devil", I said, "so... what do we do now?". "Like I said", she answered, "if you want, I'll teach you what pleases a women, you let me experiment on you, you tell me what your mates talk about, what fantasies they come up with, and I'll do the same with my girlfriends". "It's a deal", I said with a grin a mile wide, "as long as you do something with this", pointing down to my now extremely hard penis, which was still between her beautiful mounds.

"I think we can manage something", she said, "but first, it's my turn, I think it's time for lesson one in how to satisfy a woman". She kissed the head of my penis, then slowly raised herself up onto her knees in front of me, legs slightly apart. "Have you ever given oral to a girl Martin?, it's the best form of foreplay you know, I don't know ANY of my girlfriends who doesn't like it... if you can do it properly, believe me, word will get around, girls DO talk you know, and I can assure you, you'll never be short of a date or two".

Now a year ago, the thought of kissing a girl down there... well... no way, but I had recently seen it mentioned in a few mags that the guys were passing around, but how the hell do you get to know what to do... my prayers were answered... I now had a teacher!She moved up and lay alongside me, "Unlike men, women need to be wound up gradually... Kiss me".

She lay down on her back and I turned, lowering my mouth to hers, our naked bodies touching, my chest against her gorgeous breasts, our tongues darted in and all seemed to come so naturally. After a while she gently pulled away, "Now", she said, "slowly plant small kisses on my breasts, and my nipples".

I did as she requested, (God her tits were wonderful, it gives me a hard on now, just to think about them - firm but so, sooooo soft). "Now, move down, kissing my stomach and belly button area - use your tongue as well - now part my legs with your hands - not too much just yet.... that's it, now position yourself between my legs, gently kiss the pubic hair area".

As I lay down her legs parted to accommadate me, and I looked down at her glorious mound, her pussy was BEAUTIFUL, slightly rounded...moist, but as firm as a pigeons breast. I didn't need any more prompting, and lowered my head towards her pussy...That's all for now, stay tuned for another one of my great personal experiences!

Aunty Anita's Handyboy

As a youth I was somewhat shy and just listened as my friends talked about sex I never got up enough courage to make a move on a girlfriend. The furthest I had ever gone with the girls I dated was kissing and hugging. I had fun with them, at dances, parties and such, but nothing sexual. Some of my friends would tell me that they had done it their girl friends.Naturally, I would fantasize about it and masturbate but that was as close as I came.

One day in the fall of my senior year, my mother ask me to go over a house that her sister, my Aunty Anita, had just rented and light the pilot light on her furnace. My Aunty had divorced about 6 months before and was making the move from an apartment to a house. She was 34 at the time and fairly attractive, with a nice figure. I knocked on the door and she greeted me with her usual smile and let me in. Now the furnace was located under the floor in a crawl space under the house. Entrance to the crawl space was in a hallway next to the furnace. From this hall were the entrances to all rooms.
The furnace had one register directly above it. It was a large register about 3 by 4 feet. I went down in the crawl space and lit the pilot and then called up to her to turn up the thermostat. She came to the register where she could look down and see me. I could see up her dress to her panties but I was too embarrassed to say anything. She ask what I wanted and I told her
again to turn up the thermostat so we could see if the burner would light. She left and came back and stood over the register again but this time she had taken off her panties and stood with her legs apart.
I didn't say anything but I could feel the heat in me rise and my manhood immediately hardened. I just laid on my back and continued to stare, until the burner lit off. Then I came up out of the crawl space and adjusted my cock in the upright position so it wouldn't be so noticeable before coming out of the hole in the floor.
I stood in the hall and faced Anita and said,"Nice view from down there!” She had on a great big grin and said, “Would you like to see more and pulled up her dress in front up to her naval before I could answer. This was the first time I had seen a women's pussy and my cock was so full it was hurting. She dropped her dress and held out her hand. I was a slave. I took her hand and she led me into the bedroom where she pulled her dress up over her head and except for her shoes she stood naked, no bra and, of course, no panties.

I looked at her foolishly and said."I've never done this before!” “Don't worry, I will help you and we will have lots of fun. Take off you pants and sit down her on the side of the bed and I'll tell you what to do.” She smiled sweetly.

"You look nice honey"! Aunty Anita sighed as she finished undressing me. "Sit down !” she whispered and patted the bed. She lay back on the bed and I sat down beside her. Immediately, I placed my hands on her breasts and felt her nipples. I never knew that nipples could get long and hard! My excitement was rising and she could see it, “Wait a minute honey,” she cooed as she sat up and placed one hand around my balls and put the other arm around my waist from the back and held onto my cock which was constantly oozing semen and running down the shaft, and was so swollen it still hurt. “Let me milk you out before we get started honey!”, Aunty Anita sighed, squeezing my balls with one hand as she began to jack me off with the other. She knew what she was doing and in less than a minute, with a deep groan, I was squirting cream all over the place. When I had masturbated, I would get about 3 or 4 good squirts, but with her I shot jet after jet all over myself. She got up and walked to the bathroom and came back with some toilet paper and a warm wash cloth and cleaned up the silver spray. Then she laid down on top of me and panted “Now let me show you what a women likes!” Rolling to her side, she lifted one of her full breast and sighed, “Suck my nipples.” Was I ever eager! I put my mouth over her tit and began to suck and lick while
squeezing her other boob with my hand. “That's it honey, your doing fine.” She said. "Feel my legs," she gasped as she took my hand off her tit and placed it to the inside of her thigh. I was still sucking on her nipple as I felt the silky texture of her skin. She kept holding me by the wrist, guiding my hand where she wanted it most. “Let me do it.” I begged as I caressed her thighs, up to her mound of Venus, running my fingers through her silken pubic hair and finally into her crevice. It was easy going into
her with all the juices. “It's my love juice,” she cooed,“Put your finger all the way inside me!". As I probed at her entrance, she gave a squeal when I massaged a bud like spot. “That's my clitoris, honey. It feels real good when you massage it gently." I like two fingers, one on each side!" she added. "Oh yes, like that. It feels good lower too! Run your fingers down
and go partly in and then run them back to my clit!", she gasped and then cried out, " Ooh-yes-- yes- yes-Keep it up and don't stop sucking my tits!”
I wanted to get on top and stick my cock in but she said I had to wait until later. I kept sucking her hard nipples and running my fingers over her clit and inside her vagina and back up again. Her sighs were getting louder and her purring kept building the excitement. “ Keep rubbing my pussy and kiss my belly button!" she squeeled.Stick your tongue in it and lick me there!"She grasp my head with one hand and pushed it downward, began squeezing her breasts with the other. "Keep your fingers in my pussy, don't stop," she wailed as she pushed my head into it as well. “Lick my cunt honey! Open it up with your fingers! Lick and suck my clit! Oh god yes honey, oh dear god yes, don't stop, please don't stop.” She began pushing up
against my tongue and I was getting into the rhythm of sighs and gyrations. Then she seemed to be violent, pushing and jerking while uttering soft screams that excited me so I began ejaculating over and over. When she finally calmed down, she held her arms out to me. I came up to her and she wiped off my mouth with the wash rag. “ Thank you honey, she said, You were
good." "Now you can do what you want to do.” I have already cum twice.” I said. "Wait a minute and you can cum inside me," " Since this is your first time you must feel inside." "Kiss me If you want.” Wow did I ever! And as we kissed, my cock started to throb once more. She guided me into her and a thrill brought goose bumps all over my body. She could feel my excitement
and I began to pump hard. She placed her hands on my ass. "Honey, slow down and enjoy it! Go slow baby and feel your balls move down between my legs, feel my breasts against your chest. Put your lips on mine, suck my tongue
and then feel the heat and smoothness as you slowly glide in and out of me. Go slow and you will enjoy it more.” She kept talking to me softly and telling me what to feel. Oh, was it good, I sighed each time I pushed in and pulled back. " Feel how hot I am when you push in and feel the muscles of my cunt rip you as you pull out. Feel it -- in and out. Feel my legs against yours! Go slowly, feel the pleasure. Suck on my tits, do what you want. Kiss my armpits, feel my body with your hands!"
She kept talking the whole time, It was glorious beyond belief, My body was rocking with delight. Her hands, locked into the cheeks of my ass, rocked me in rhythm to my pumping.
“I'm cumming!” “Don't change your speed! Dear god Hal, don't change, just keep pumping me the same way!", Aunty Anita began to gush, her fingernails digging into my ass flesh. Her body was soaking wet with sweat and she was trembling, but she kept pushing up each time to meet me and I exploded, moaning deeply, over and over!
"Don't pull out for a minute honey, feel me all over and kiss me while we cool off a Bit" she sighed softly and smiled as she continued, " How did you like it?" I smiled and kissed her, my tongue dipping deeply into her mouth. When our lips finally parted, Aunty Anita slid downward and took my limp cock into her mouth and suck on it gently. Watching her red lips pucker around my shaft caused me to get hard again. I watched with awe as she continued to suck me until I was spewing my jizz into her mouth. As I grunted and watched, she savored every drop I fed her.
Returning to my side, she kissed me, smiled and whispered, "Hmmm, I think I'm going to have a great deal of chores for you to do around here!" "Really?" I grinned. "Really! As a matter of fact, you may even have to stay over night when I'm afraid to be alone!