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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Sister Parted My Legs

When my sister and I were younger, we had never really got along, and had constant arguments, at times not speaking for days on end. We both agree that sex was the last thing on our minds.

It started when she was 20, (I was nearly 19), this was the first year that our parents decided that she could stay at home while they were on holiday, I kicked up such a fuss, they eventually allowed me to stay at home, (much to my sister's fury).

The first few days were hell - but has she had plans with her long time boyfriend, she was open to negotiation, and I managed to get a VERY late pass out of her, (basically, the later I came home the better). So, out with the mates I went - arrived home about midnight - everywhere was quiet, no lights etc. - in I crept, sneaked up to my bedroom, and crashed out.

It must have been about 4 in the morning, a slamming front door awoke me- I crawled out of bed to investigate. Sis was sitting on the stairs sobbing her heart out - I'd never seen her this bad, mum wasn't around to comfort her - and - well - I felt sorry for her. She was really upset, tears streaming down her face, I sat alongside her and put my arm around her shoulders, "Come on Sis", "it can't be that bad". "What do you know", she said, "You guys are all the same", as she pushed my arm away.

I didn't like seeing her in this state, we were, after all, family."Come on", I said, "Lets get you back to bed". I helped her up and led her to her bedroom."What's all this about", I inquired, "I thought you and ***** were getting along OK"."We were", she said, "Until it came to sex".

Now bear in mind this is about 20yrs ago, boys and girls played, we didn't have sex, (well at least I didn't), therefore I had had my moments, but sex was not my subject. We sat on the bed, I thought it best not to ask too much more, "Come on lie down, and try to get some sleep", I said, "You'll sort it out tomorrow".

"Oh Martin", she sobbed, "I know we don't always get on... thanks...will you stay with me until I go to sleep?". "Of course I will", I said. Not thinking anything of it, she slipped her nightie off, lay down and covered herself with a single sheet, I lay alongside her, (outside the sheet), with my arm across her shoulders.

She eventually nodded of, (after about half an hour) - I was sleepy, (must have been the under age drinking), and fell asleep alongside her. I awoke, as usual, with a raging hard-on, it must have been about 7am. Sis was already awake, and to my surprise, was sitting there looking at me. She smiled, glanced down at my, by now, throbbing penis, and said, "Typical, the thing that caused the bust up last night, greets me this morning".

I jumped up and in trying to cover myself I yanked the blanket away, leaving her totally naked, "I'm sorry sis... it just seems to happen in the morning". "Don't worry" she said, "I've seen it plenty of times before", but do you mind if I have the blanket back.... please.

I couldn't help noticing her body, (after all, I hadn't woken up beside her with a hard-on before), she was only petite, just about 5ft tall, hair - shoulder length brunette, her figure.... well, 36DD,22,35, (at least that's what she says her dimensions were then). I gave her the blanket, and covered myself with my hands. "Sorry sis", "are you OK now, what happened last night?". (I couldn't believe we were talking to each other, instead of shouting).

"You wouldn't understand", she said. "Try me, I'm nearly 16 now... you never know", I stated with confidence. With a little hesitation, she answered, "What exactly do men want, ***** and I have tried most things sexually, but.... I don't know.... how are women supposed to know exactly what pleases a man?".

"What do you mean?", I asked. "Well, take last night for instance, all goes well, until I go down on him, then it's, not so much with the hand, more with the tongue, etc. etc. - I just didn't seem to be doing anything the way he wanted", "If I started complaining of his technique, he wouldn't have liked it".

"Sorry sis, I don't have any experience of that sort of thing yet, anyway, you're the older one, you supposed to help me!" Now, at this time, I still had most of my morning hard-on, and she'd been shifting about under the thin blanket therefore I couldn't help but notice the shape of her body.... for the first time, I looked at her for what she was.... a beautiful woman, rounded firm breasts, totally flat stomach... and that butt !!!.

"And what help would you need?, the girls must be around you like bees to honey, going by what I saw of you this morning anyway", she said with a smile. "I wish", I said, "Some of the other guys seem to get all the best girls, and where are you to go to learn what pleases a girl", I enquired.

She sat there thinking for a while, "You know Mart', we may be able to help each other in that department", "We've never really had a chance to talk freely before, but while mum and dad are away.... the house is ours.... we've got nearly two weeks left.. what say we try to help each other", "come here a minute..."

She reached over and gently grabbed my penis, pulling me slowly towards her...I had no choice, (come on, she had my dick in her hand!), so I moved over to the bed. Without another word she engulfed the head in her mouth... then the shaft... then all the way down, (I believe they call it deep throat), my GOD, I had never experienced anything like this before - I stood there totally gobsmacked, (so to speak), then the 'sucking' started, her head moved up and down slowly, but my dick felt as though it was inside a Dyson vacuum cleaner, (NOT that I've ever tried that!!).

She then started to go the full length... no hands.. just SUCTION... from top to bottom, sooooo slowly I felt like I was going to burst... Of course, within a couple of strokes I did.... and she just kept going..and going..and going..Eventually, I just collasped on the bed, and she finally released me from her mouth,"Now", she said, "was there anything wrong with that?".

I felt drained, and slumped back onto the bed. Sis giggled, pulled herself onto the bed,opened my legs slightly, and gently lowered her breasts onto my penis, with her hands tenderly massaging my stomach, she moved her two firm mountains of flesh slowly up and down. I was still slightly firm, and the sensation of her tits gently moving up and down my shank. To this day, I can't describe the feeling adequatly... it was exquisite.

"My God", I said, "Where did you learn to do that?" "Where and with whom, is not important, the main thing is, was it OK?". "OK.... OK... it was bloody wicked", "What the hell is wrong with that boyfriend of yours, what more could he want".

"To be truthful Mart, I've never been able to relax enough with him to perform deep throat,he's always telling me where to put my hands, what to do with my tongue, it used to make me so tense, I just couldn't swallow him whole - and... well.... I have a confession to make, I've been wanting to do that to you for months".

"WHAT", I shouted, "With ME!!!, I thought you hated me". "Well, I did, but since you've matured, I started to notice your body more, you do walk about half naked most of the time, and a few months ago I watched you masterbating in your bedroom, you had left the door open slightly.... I couldn't help but stand and watch"

(NOTE TO OTHERS WITH A SISTER: DON't be scared of letting her see you, don't make it obvious, but her curiousity will get the better of her, she cannot stop herself from peeking, she will be as curious as you... according to my sister anyway.) Back to the story...I went bright red with embarrasment......"Don't be shy... haven't you ever looked at me in a sexual way?", she asked.

"Well", I said, "since turning 15 or so, I must say, I did try to peek on you a few times" "Men don't like the fact that women want 'uncomplicated sex' with no strings, that's how I saw you - a girl can't give into her boyfriend too quickly, and that can be VERY frustrating", she said, "that's why over the past few months, I've let you see more of me, like that time in the shower room, a week or so ago.... remember... I left the door open on purpose".

"You little devil", I said, "so... what do we do now?". "Like I said", she answered, "if you want, I'll teach you what pleases a women, you let me experiment on you, you tell me what your mates talk about, what fantasies they come up with, and I'll do the same with my girlfriends". "It's a deal", I said with a grin a mile wide, "as long as you do something with this", pointing down to my now extremely hard penis, which was still between her beautiful mounds.

"I think we can manage something", she said, "but first, it's my turn, I think it's time for lesson one in how to satisfy a woman". She kissed the head of my penis, then slowly raised herself up onto her knees in front of me, legs slightly apart. "Have you ever given oral to a girl Martin?, it's the best form of foreplay you know, I don't know ANY of my girlfriends who doesn't like it... if you can do it properly, believe me, word will get around, girls DO talk you know, and I can assure you, you'll never be short of a date or two".

Now a year ago, the thought of kissing a girl down there... well... no way, but I had recently seen it mentioned in a few mags that the guys were passing around, but how the hell do you get to know what to do... my prayers were answered... I now had a teacher!She moved up and lay alongside me, "Unlike men, women need to be wound up gradually... Kiss me".

She lay down on her back and I turned, lowering my mouth to hers, our naked bodies touching, my chest against her gorgeous breasts, our tongues darted in and all seemed to come so naturally. After a while she gently pulled away, "Now", she said, "slowly plant small kisses on my breasts, and my nipples".

I did as she requested, (God her tits were wonderful, it gives me a hard on now, just to think about them - firm but so, sooooo soft). "Now, move down, kissing my stomach and belly button area - use your tongue as well - now part my legs with your hands - not too much just yet.... that's it, now position yourself between my legs, gently kiss the pubic hair area".

As I lay down her legs parted to accommadate me, and I looked down at her glorious mound, her pussy was BEAUTIFUL, slightly rounded...moist, but as firm as a pigeons breast. I didn't need any more prompting, and lowered my head towards her pussy...That's all for now, stay tuned for another one of my great personal experiences!

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