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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hello Friends!!!!

My name is Asif and i'm 21.i'm a pakistani and i study in karachi in 2nd yr degree in business administration.
i would like to share my best experience that i ever had in my life. To start with i would mention the girl of my dreams,her name was farah.She was exotic,sexy,mind-blowing.etc...this happened when i was 18 yrs old and this girl used to be my neighbour.
in fact,the neighbour was a very close friend of our family so it was often that their family used to get together at our house,outdoor parties.etc
To tell tou the truth i was very shy at that time and i used to shiver when i used to see a girl. But later on,i got this feeling that she was the girl of my dreams.i had never seen a girl so sexy like her. one day,both our families planned to visit the newly wed cousin of our family. they all seemed to be very happy about this trip and it was quite a distance from our place. so farah refused to go saying that she has her final exams so she needs to prepare and study.I was excited when she said that(thinking that i'll get a chance of my life).
Even i mentioned to my family that i have an important project to complete so i wont come.Everyone had gone and i was alone at home,even she was alone.i thought this opportunity is a golden one and i should not miss it. i went and knocked at her door,she asked me"tum nahin gaye" i said "jab dil nahi chaha to kyun jaaen" she was quite confused what i meant.and then i asked her mind if i come inside and chat. she said ok fine. we sat down and she brought me a cup of tea.i forgot the tea and i was busy admiring her figure as she was reading a magazine.i came and sat down next to her asking what was she was a magazine about sex(a coincidence).
I started explaining her all about sex n stuff and she seemed to get interested.she slowly approached my hand and held it for sometime.then we both looked into our eyes and it was a great feeling.
i approached her sweet boobs (34)and i started to squeeze it.(she was feeling the orgasm).her nipples started to get harder and i pressed them harder and sucked it. she was totally out of control and she just zipped of my pants and started to suck my 7.5" cock.she wouldnt wait and started sucking in and out faster and faster. i was feeling extremely excited and i started to tickle her pussy.she was feeling the orgasms and i made her lie straight and i began to dig the cock in her cute pussy. i was imagining like i was having the prize of my life. we fucked for another hour and my cum was getting ready for a splash. she licked all the cum that i had splashed on her. well not it was time for getting ready to go back home as it was time for our families to get back.before leaving,i again looked deep into her eyes and kissed her heavily.and her last words were"phir kab aaogey"
i said very soon....after that day,we had sex when ever we had an opportunity. now,there is talking between our families for our engagement.i was really happy with their decision and i hope she would remain my dream girl forever.

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