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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sautailee Maa Ki Chudai Part 2

Hi Friends,
Remember me, Its Abu again to share with U another sexual experience of mine with Sameena, my stepmom. And believe me, this time its she who insisted me like anything to post this text on the web, Right now, both of us are sitting absolutely naked into one another`s lap, shifting time to time.

I`m feeling so horny at the moment as she is sitting in my lap right now and typing the text, my hard cock is preessing harder against her ass and her firm boobs are in my hands. Oh, I`m squeezing them and she is enjoying this.Since our first Sex, we had intercourse many a times, day and night, whenever we got a chance. It happened a week ago when my father was on night duty. She came to me in the morning itself and told me about this. We were happy and started preparing for the night right
away. I could`nt wait till night but I had to. Atlast dad left at 9:30 pm and we were alone with only my 8 yrs. old younger brother and he was a problem too as he doesn`t sleep before 10:30 PM. I told her that I would wait for her in my room and requested her to come quickly. I went to my room and logged on to some XXX sites from my PC to get some arousal. At about 11:15 she entered my room fully wet, dressed in a black seethrough kind of a nighty from which i could clearly see the outline of her figure, she had gorgeous curves.

She came closer and said," Ab tumhe internet ki zaroorat nahi padegi." I quickly switched it off and took her into my arms and our lips met,we locked our tounges and kissed passionately. I unbuttoned her nighty and stipped it off quickly, she was wearing a black Bra and fuul slacks on the bottom. She said,: Itni jaldi kya hai, sari raat hume maza lena hai." she squeezed me tightly into her arms and pushed me on my bed and on my top was she. She unhooked her Brassiere and I saw her watermelons after such a long time, I couldn`t wait I pulled her down and sucked her melons, bit the hardened nipples as she
moaned," Oooooh, Aaaaaah, dheere se, Ouch, chooso unhe, chodo mujhe". I got up and said," Sammu, Ab raha nahi jaata mere kapde bhi utaro". She unbuttoned my shirt and removed it, unzipped my pants and pulled then down. She saw a huge
bulge into my underwear and Said," Wow, maza aa gaya, yeh to bahut bada ho gaya hai". I replied," Nikalo ise bahar aur looto maze". As soon as she heard this, she pulled down my underwear and my cock was in her mouth right away. I was moving to and fro and she was sucking me hard Penis. She removed it from her mouth at the last moment to have the splash of her son`s milk on her body.
She rubbed it all over her breasts. I raised her up, pulled down her slacks. We were fully naked now, into each others arms, squeezing each other and having fun. I was rubbing her Ass with my hands, I squeezed them to hear her moaning," Aah, mar gayi, aur zor se jaan, dabao meri Gand". She pushed me down and sat over me, put my prick into her juicy Love Canal and started giving thrusts. I held her boobs, squeezed them, rubbed her back and Ass. She was literally screaming in joy, feeling the tickle in her choot. I couldn`t hold, I splashed my load into her cunt and she cummed too. She lied by my side,
massaging my cock with her soft hands while i was fingering her ass, after some time she sai,d," Chalo, aur ek baar meri choot me apna Danda dalo,chodo phir se apni mama ko". She spread her legs to widen her Love Hole and I climbed on her. She held my 6 1/2 inches long lund and guided it inside her with her soft hands, I loved it. Aha !!! She started giving jerks and I too
was pushing hard inside her, she was screaming again," Aaaaaah,Ouch, aur zor se, jao andar". and digged her fingers into my Ass, my lips were on hers, smooching thirstily.

I ejaculated again inside her hot Choot. We lay nude into each others arms for a long time then and it was all.
Keep mailing me at Specially females of all
ages. Bye and wait for the next Sexcapade........

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