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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Brother And Me

y brother comes over my house three or four times a week and fucks my brains out and we don't intend on stopping anytime soon. It started when He was finishing his first year of college and I was just entering my first year. My parents would be gone whether working or out doing errands before settling in for the evening.

There was a window of almost three hours where we were on our own and that was when my brother and his girlfriend would lock themselves in his room and fuck and suck for at least two hours every day!

I could watch them through the window or, I hit upon an idea to hide in his closet and watch from the comfort of his folded quilt from the side of the closet he never used. I left a note on the counter saying I was at Kiran house and watched for them to arrive.

When they did I scooted into his closet, hid behind a hanging overcoat and awaited the hotly sexed couple to arrive, which they did not disappoint! They were already naked when they entered his room, jumped on the bed and she immediately grabbed hold of his dick and started sucking up and down on Suraj's it.

He immediately started moaning and fingered her choot causing her to spread her legs so I could get a perfect view of her wide-opened pussy. As they moved into the sixty-nine position she started to moan and with her free hand I saw her do something I never saw before and that was to stick her finger up his ass and start pumping her finger all the way to her fist while pumping his dick into her mouth which caused kajlee to throatle heavier sounds, then he stuck his middle finger up her ass and his thumb in her pussy and masterbated her while he licked at her clit!

That sent her into orbit as she bucked with orgasm I saw her lovely juice flying around, hitting her in the face as she strained with her own orgasm! I was immediately wet! My body was trembling as I watched my brother fuck his beautiful girlfriend.I was rubbing my own pussy and having my own climaxes, but quietly! I couldn't help noticing how long her legs and blonde hair were, how perfect her swollen pointy breasts were or even how "clean" she looked!

She was one of those clean looking pretty girls who was in love with my big-dicked jock brother and now as I watched him entering kajlee pussy with his dick I wanted him to fuck me! He was tall with brunette hair and hazel eyes, but man was he handsome, with lots of bulging muscles from wrestling practices.

The next day I started walking around with nothing on hoping he'd catch me (which he did more than a few times and with a smile on both of our faces would watch me walk by him) I would take the soap out of our shower we shared (sound familiar to anyone involved incestuously?) and then would have to "get him" the soap once he was in the shower.

So I could see him naked with him knowing I was seeing him naked was always good for a couple of orgasms later.What started us sexually was one time I pulled the no-soap bit (or he let me pull it), he then grabbed me and pulled me into the shower, soaking my tank top and panties which, I took off right in the shower with him!

I smiled up at him and kneeled on the shower mat and grabbing his somewhat swollen member started sucking on it! All of this without saying a word to him! He was incredulous to say the least and grabbed the back of my head and pushed my head down on his cock. I could feel an orgasm welling up inside me as I continued to bob on my brothers massive member.

It had to be eight inches long and thick across the bow,( from where I was looking) I could no way get my hand around it but kept stroking as I saw Kajlee doing it."Where did you learn to be so good at cock sucking ?", Suraj asked me.

"Kajlee taught me!", I answered and first with a puzzled then enlightened look all he asked was,"but where...?" "Closet", I answered as I continued to suck him to climax which I swallowed every drop.He nodded as I rinsed off quickly and we dried each other off (this was with our parents downstairs!) "Suraj, I want you to lick my pussy!" I said as I grabbed his arm walking into his room while still both naked.

"I'll fuck your brains out but you'll have to wait until tonight when I get home", he said. " You better save me some !" I said knowingly. "Now get out of here before Mom comes up and catches us, she likes to peak in on me when I'm naked too!" Suraj said and I realized he was right! Mom always would run upstairs to say something to him when he got out of the shower and right on que she came up and asked him what his plans were for that evening and I know he didn"t have a stitch of clothes on because I just sucked his dick!

That night when he got home I was waiting up for him and followed him into his room. I shucked off my robe and climbed into his bed, he went into the bathroom for a towel to soak blood from my deflowering and he came back with one from the bottom of the cabinet , one he could throw away after we were done.

He smiled at me and started taking off his clothes. Do you know how many times I've had my clothes off today he said with a smirk,"As long as you take them off last with me!" I answered getting anxious for my fucking.

"Now you gotta be quiet or else Mom will come running up here and all hell will break loose!", He climbed into bed and giving me a kiss where I tasted his tongue for the first time. He asked me, "Did you like the taste of that?" He then started sucking on my some-day-to-be D-cup-breasts.

I shaved my pussy like Kajlee in anticipation, and when Suraj kissed me down there it was like an electric jolt went through me! He then spent ten minutes just licking my pussy, with my legs spread as far as they could go, he started tongue fucking me and then he suddenly was kissing me again, I was tasting my own pussy juice and thought it tasted ok! He then shifted up and holding his hard-on placed the tip at my wet pussy opening, gave a small push, I smiled-I was going to get fucked! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Uhhhhhh I moaned Haeavily with Pain.

He pushed again and I definitely felt some pulling from the sides and with so ever a smaller push a flood of warmth came over me with very little pain!, just warmth!, and relief! Suraj smiled and asked me how I felt as we settled into each others arms and started to fuck in earnest.

"Great!", I mumbled. All I wanted to do was fuck and kiss Suraj all night. We fucked in the morning with our parents just waking up and then I stumbled into my bedroom after wiping my pussy with a washcloth. This went on until I moved out upon graduation and got my own place with Suraj's help.

Suraj would stay with me all the time and our Mother did eventually catch us in the act when she came over one night and we were both in bed. After her suspicions all these years suddenly she didn't care but she continued enjoying seeing her son naked!

Move forward ten years of blissful-brother fucking, I am married to a wonderful yet dumb husband, I have two children (one of them is Suraj's!)

I work for my brother in his internet business so I could (whatelse?), have totally free unrestricted sex with him. I do see more incest than ever before and its going to happen more because of the safe sex you can have with someone you really know and in my case love!

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