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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grand Mother Ki Chudai

Hi Fans!
I am the viewer of from last 6 months.After this now i am going to share you my sex experience.
The story begins with this. My name is Roofi Khan and i belong to khan family and i fucked my grand mother who is younger sister of my real grand mother.

Her age is 40 years old. She has a fair complexion due to khan family. I like her due to her smartness and fitted body. She has d-cup size breasts but at the age of 40 she is still 100 times better than 20 or 25 year girl. i like very much that. She lives near to our house. The incident starts then one day i am going to thier house for some household purpose.At that time she is taking bath in the bathroom only one servant is at home except.
Kaneez (the name of my grandmother). At that i saw a small window on the wall of bathroom which is used for vantelation. I stood up and saw her messaging her body with oil. She looks very beautiful.She got a saop lubricated well on his body and her pussy is clean shave .Immidiately got an irrection bcz job woo apnay jissm par sabun mal rahee thi to aisa lag raha tha kay woo mayray lund par sabun laga rahi ho.After a while she saw me and saying what are you doing here. I said nothing and i go to my home. I am afraid at that moment that she told to anyone about that.

But she never told to anyone. After a week all my family members were going out of city and i am alone at home. After half an hour she came to our house.She entered in my bedroom and sit with me and says to me that what are you doing one that day ,you see me nude haan may tum ko kaisee lagi batao .Mayra dill 100 km ki raftar say chalnay laga kay abb kya ho ga .But it is my luck time that she said that on that day you see me nude and now i want to see you nude. I immidiately agreed and pickup all my cloth and then she pick my dick in her hand and said "Yee to bohat maza de ga".Then she sucks my dick lavishly but i enjoyed. After it i kiss her throughout her body.After shot while i put of her clothes wowwww what a body she got kya baat hay app ki i said to her she wear black sexy bra and i remove it and got her Breast in my hand and put her nipple in my mouth and sucking like a young child try to got milk from his mother Breats.Then i put off his shalwar she didnt wear any panties but her shalwar is very wet due to his pussy juice Then i came to her pussy it is very stiff and good.
Now is full of juices. I lick it for some time and she is moaning heavily Ahhhhhhh Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh undar dalll dooo Rufi or undar ABB BARDASHT NAHIN HOTA AHHHHHHHH ORRRRRRR UHHHHHH then i inserted my 7" inch dick in her pussy. I feel joy and then i am going to stroking her pussy its going to speed up stroking. Her pussy is till very tight what a pleasure i am getting but more of it she is gettting great pleasure of her life .After some jerking my money is shooting in her pussy.Her pussy is full of my cum .Next i told her hat i saw in xxx film that women bend like and animal and men put his dick in her ass hole so she told me that kya tum mayree agdn marna chahtay ho in reply i say yes she told me that ok and i fuck agian in her ass hole for almost 5 minutes and cum in her ass hole we also fucked many time after this .Then i fuck her 4 times and enjoying my self. I fucked her when i avail any oppurtunity i fuck her.
Now i am living in Lahore.My age is 21 Years.If any women wants to have a sex with me of any age she can contact on

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