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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mother Became My Wife Part 2

Hello everybody! PK again with the second part of my true story – I am going to narrate you the second part of my true story. After the first night with my mother I was not able to go to the school as felt too tired the next morning, so I decided to rest at home. Till the morning I was lying at the top of my mother. We were both nude and tired after the full night of erotic adventure. We were caressing each other while exploring each other’s bodies. Both of us did not utter a single word after the shocking sex act we did last night. But I think my mother also enjoyed every act of mine as she was smiling and giving me the looks as if she has accepted me as her new lover.

Again in the morning I felt myself horny and tried to explore her wide juicy mouth. Now it was her turn to suck my saliva as she explored my mouth and sucked my saliva. She asked me to open my mouth wide so that she can lick my saliva. I opened my mouth wide and she started gulping my saliva. Even I spewed her mouth with my saliva and she at it as if it was honey. At the same time I tried to explore her asshole with one of my hands and cunt hole with the other one. I started fingering at both ends and inserted one finger in each hole. She sighed and moaned-“aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh….” We were kissing each other passionately and making all type of ecstatic noises. My mom was hot once again. I could feel this as I had my fingers working in and out in her vagina and asshole. Her small holes were expanding to accommodate my fingers. Now I was teasing her clit while she was filled with another desire to be fucked. Now I thought to leave her cunt and asshole and try something else. I got up and started sucking and kissing her body. This time I started it from her toes. I started licking her toes and then her fingers all that tasted great. My mom loved it all and she started rubbing her fingers on her cunt. After sucking her toes and cleaning them I went upward and started licking her legs. Oh god her body was great. It was as smooth as silk and as hot as the burning sun. My lips were meeting her exquisite legs as I was sucking them.

My tongue was sliding on her legs as if they were made of marble. Now my mom encouraged me as she said, “Suck your slut mom, you mother-fucker lick my legs and my whole body! Son make me a bitch.” I answered her encouragement, “Yes, mom I am a mother-fucker and you are a slut now! I am going to make you a slut.” I kept licking her legs and moved further slowly and slowly. Now I was also teasing her tits and pressing them hard. I pinched her nipples too. She felt pain but I kept doing both the things, licking her legs and punishing her big boobs. We were doing it slowly so that we can enjoy each and every part of sex. Our relationship has changed in a single night from pure mother-son to a husband-wife. But still I was nineteen years younger than she was. When I reached near her cunt sucking her legs, I could see her legs shining with my saliva. It was shining as if they were stars in the open wide sky. I could feel her smell, which was great. I could feel her hotness and her light, black triangular bush. When I buried my mouth between her leg’s meeting place I felt myself as if I was in the dark, but it was my way to heaven. I sniffed her cunt as a dog and tried to smell the unique and lusty smell of her bush. Now she was my bitch, my slut and even my personal stripper. Now she was uneasy and pressed my head in her pussy. And cried, “You mother-fucker suck your mom’s cunt, lick my cum.” She pressed my head hard and instead of my mouth or tongue my nose was inside her cunt. I could feel the warmth and wetness inside her pussy-hole. I started licking her pussy and ate it as if it was a sweet toast full of jam. I could see the pinkish color of her cunt.

I wanted her to be my slut for the whole life by fulfilling her fantasies which she never told me but now she is having fun with her own son. Now I left licking her pussy and started to suck her navel, which looked much greater than her cunt. She was crying and telling me to suck her cunt, “Suck my cunt! Why did you stop licking it! I want you to suck it.” I ignored her and started sucking her navel that was another hole in her body. I moved myself up her body and sucked her completely until she fainted. Now I started to press her soft boobs. I liked their silky touch. Every time I pressed and pinched them they stood harder and erect to arouse my senses more and more. I loved them then I took my mouth to the left nipple whose areola has swollen equal to an inch with my kissing teasing. I licked and licked for a while till the time it became hot, then I started to lick the areola of the right nipple and my breathing became heavier and I moaned & groaned every time I licked her nipple. Soon they became really hard, now I spewed on them and licked with great ease. My mom was too hot now and I could hear and sense it with her groans and heat. My mom groaned, while she pressed my prick in between her legs and started stroking it, “Suck your mom harder and harder, I am hungry for your cock!” “Just a minute mom I am going to fuck you in every hole, just wait!” I left my mother’s nipples and got hold of my cock, which was pounding again into her legs till now. I caught the pulsating cock in my hand and put it in my mother’s hand, which she saw with a great respect and started rubbing it on her cunt entrance. I loved her to do this to my cock.

Suddenly I sprang up and had an idea to fuck her in a different situation. I got up from the bed and took hold of my mother’s legs and ordered her to fold her legs to my waist while I stood at the edge of the bed. She folded her legs to my waist and now I rubbed my cock to her cunt hole at the same time I ran my fingers to her asshole. She cried and pushed herself towards my cock. Now she was acting like a real slut. I throbbed my cock in her already wet pussy hole with a big bang and it made a sound of “ffftttchhhh”. She cried in vigorous pain once again as the size of my cock was too big for her (it is almost 10 inches and 3 inches in diameter) cunt. She cried, “OHHHHHH MOM! My cut is torn by my son!” I enjoyed her words and pushed my cock hard to her womb walls. She cried once again, “OHHHHHH. …. AAAAEEEEE…. Your cock is like a pole! Son tore your mother’s pussy!” Oh that slut was enjoying her pain. Now she I started thrusting my pole into her cunt vigorously. She moaned and groaned, “OOOOHHHHHHH…….AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH……… FUCK ME HARD, FUCK YOUR BITCH, FUCK YOUR SLUT, I AM YOUR WOMAN, FUCK ME YOU MOTHER FUCKER.” I said, “Shut up you slut! You are arousing your own son to fuck you hard while I pinched her nipple. I could see her face going up and down. I can see her buttocks thrusting and meeting the end tip of my cock. She was a hooker to me now. I could fuck her whenever I like to fuck in any hole of her body. I cried to turn her on, “You hooker, you are a prostitute, you are a stripper, you are fucking your own son! Your own son!” “Yes, I’m everything to you, I am yours for the whole life, and you can eat me whenever you like, and you can fuck me whenever you feel to fuck. I want to become mother of your child, cum in my cunt! Cum in my cunt!” I was too hot till now throbbing and thrusting my cock into her cunt at the same time she was meeting my thrusts and answering them in the same way as I was doing.

I never knew that my mother can be this much hot and she could be like a slut who is turning on her own son to the heat of sex. My cock swelled in her cunt, which was too wet and rubbery by now with our pre cum oozing out. I loved to see her moaning and groaning face. I watched her while she caught my buttocks and took hold of mine and started myself pumping into her pussy as much as she could. I caught hold of her hair and lifted her up to meet my chest while her legs were holding my waist. I buried her face in my chest and now I could hear her groans and her breathing. While she could hear mine too. I was going to cum in a few seconds and I felt same for her. Her cunt muscles were contracting and now her cunt hole was much tighter than ever. She groaned while she bit my nipples with her mouth while I was pumping her hard. My nipples became stiff. My mom was turning into a real hooker and she knew how to wander into the heaven of sex. She groaned and moaned, “Cum in my womb! Cum in my womb! Son I want my pussy to drink your juices! I want to impregnate myself with your baby! I am cumming! I am cumming!” I also felt the same. I groaned to her, “Your cunt is going to be filled with my cum! You are going to become my baby’s mother! You slut! You hooker mom! I am………………… cummmmmmmmm……ing.” “AAHHHHHHHHH…………. I shot my load of cum into her pussy while she also shot her load of cum. Still I was pushing and throbbing my cock to saturate myself. After this sex show, I laid myself into my mother’s arms.

We were both smiling. She started caressing my hare and I did the same with her. After a while we had an urge to piss. She told me to leave, as she wanted to pee. I suggested her, “Mom I would like you to pee in my mouth, and I will do the same.” She looked angry but I positioned her to pee with a force and suddenly she spurted my face with her pee. I took my tongue to her pee hole and started tasting her salty pee. I loved her golden shower on my face; it kept flowing for a while, as we did not pee after the night. I drank all her pee, which was a mixed with our semen. I loved her to do this to me. To pee for me and get fucked for me. I could watch her pee hole, which was full of golden shower, which was still coming. I drank it all till she finished then I licked her pussy again to suck the last few drops of her pee. After finishing to drink her pee, it was my turn now. I positioned myself to her mouth and started to pee into her wide-open mouth. I took hold of my cock and inserted in her mouth, now she was to accommodate it in her mouth, as it was lean after fucking her for around seven times since the night. I started pouring my salty drink into her mouth, some of which was flowing out of her mouth to her boobs and running down to her pussy. The floor carpet was wet with my pee. She was drinking my pee with a great ease. I made her to drink it all. But at the last moment I caught my prick and shot the golden shower to her face and her boobs and inside her cunt, everywhere I liked. After finishing this I started sucking every part of her body wherever I pissed. I licked everywhere and tasted my own pee. After this we felt saturated, we felt hungry as it was 11 O’clock in the morning.

Mom told me that she is not feeling to cook so we called a nearby restaurant and ordered for our breakfast and lunch. After that I lay bare beside my mom and licked her boobs. She started massaging my body after that. We were both stark naked. After around half an hour I have an urge to fuck her tight ass. So I got up. I took hold of her ass cheeks and opened them wide even she helped me to open her ass cheeks. I could not imagine that she could be this much horny that she would open her ass hole with her own hands. Now there was no need to use oil to insert my cock there. I just needed her help to fuck her ass. I took hold of her hot ass and rubbed my cock to her ass hole it was so tight as she was a virgin. I asked her if dad ever fucked her ass, she answered that he never used to fuck her ass. She told me to fuck her ass and tear it and make it to the size of my cock. I got horny listening that. So with a lot of difficulty I inserted it inside her ass and throbbed my cock into her ass hole. She again started crying but I kept thrusting my dick in her tight hole, she even wept but I kept it pushing it hard into that hole. This hole was the ultimate gate to the heaven. I could feel every part of her ass hole. This time it took me around half an hour to tear her ass hole. When I shot my cum into her ass hole I heard the doorbell ringing. I just got up and put on a towel and went to the main door and saw that the deliveryman was standing there with the breakfast and the lunch. I picked the packets and went inside to get money to pay him. I told him to wait so that I can get the money. I went inside to the bedroom and asked mother for the money, she stood up and gave me the money. I went to the drawing room and paid the money to the deliveryman and told him to keep the change and closed the door. Then I came to the bedroom with two water bottles from the freezer to have breakfast. We had the breakfast and I rubbed some jam to my cock and asked mother to eat it. She ate it greedily. Then I put some toast into her cunt and ate it myself. After we finished our sexy breakfast, we went to sleep, as we were awake for the whole night. I slept over my mother’s body. We opened our eyes in the evening at around five and had our sexy lunch. After that we went to the bathroom and had a shower together. After fucking my mother again at the shower, we put on clothes and went to the market for the shopping. In the market I bought some sexy dresses for my mother and had our dinner in a restaurant. My mother was very happy with me. We came back to home at around half past nine and she tried the dresses. She looked great in the sexy lingerie and skirt. I again had sex with her for the whole night till we slept in each other’s arms.

Now, whenever, I am at home we wander nude at the home. When we go out she wears those sexy dresses for me. After around three months I came to know that she is pregnant and going to become mother of my child. We tried to hide this from our relatives but of no use. So, we decided to move on from Lucknow to Delhi so that she can be mother to my child. We bought an apartment there and started my own business there while studying college from correspondence. All comments and questions are welcome. I will be back soon with my next parts of sex story with my mother, other close relatives and my employees etc. while my mother took part in them actively.


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