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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mommy and Sons

My name is Amit and I'm 12 years old. I live in a family of five.There's my mom, dad, and my two brothers. My mother's name is Tina and she is 39. She has black hair, weighs about 110 pounds, and is about 5'6'' tall.She still looks pretty good for a 39 year-old. My dad's name is Shankar and he is 46 years old. My brother Raju is also 12 and my twin, but doesn't look too much like me. My oldest brother Anil is 13.Some Shankare after my 12th birthday, I started to have these fantasies.

At first I just fantasized about what my mother would look like naked. Then I wondered what it would be like to have sex with her. I even had great dreams about doing my mom and I'd wake up with a hard-on. I had never had sex before or even seen a girl naked, except in some of my dad's magazines.When I started jerking off I thought about my mom and pretended I was sliding my penis in and out of her wet pussy. Of course I never told anybody about my fantasies and never let on to my mom about them.

I live down in Alabama and the summers down here get pretty hot. It started out as just another summer for me. Everybody was inside trying to keep cool. If you were to go outside for a walk you could work up a nice sweat after about a block. Mom had just come from outside and was pretty damp with sweat. She never wore a lot of clothes, nobody down here did, and had just a tank top and bicycle shorts on. She looked so good and I just couldn't keep my eyes off her wet tits, this was enough to give me an instant erection. Anyway, Anil and I were just laying on the couch watching T.V so mom came over and asked if anyone wanted to go to the beach. Anil is pretty lazy so he stayed home and just Raju, mom and I went.

We live about 10 minutes away from a fairly good sized lake. It's got a nice beach and there's usually a lot of people. After we got there, we all took off our clothes and laid on the beach in our bathing suits. Mom was wearing a bikini. Her tits weren't real big, but they were very perky. When she bent over to get a towel out of our bag, I caught a nice view of her cleavage. Her boobs Anilgling down just a few feet in front of me got me hard again. I told her I was going for a swim and went into the water trying to cool down, but it was useless. She just looked so damned good lying on the beach on her stomach. Her swimsuit was riding her ass and I couldn't keep my eyes off it. The whole Shankare we were there I had a constant boner.

When we got home I rushed down to my room to go jerk off and relieve some tension. Mom went to unload the drier. I went in and sat down on my bed with a jar of Vaseline. I pulled down my shorts and lubed up my rock hard shaft. I must have been thirty seconds into it when the door swung open and mom was standing there with a pile of clothes in her hand. She didn't know what to do and just stood frozen there for a couple of seconds watching my hand slide up and down my greasy dick. I had my eyes closed and didn't notice her at first. When I finally looked up I saw her with a surprised expression on her face, but she was looking right at my penis. I was so embarrassed. We both were.

"Get out," I yelled after yanking up my shorts.

She dropped the clothes and quickly slammed the door. I just sat there for a few minutes thinking about what to do next. My dick wilted even though I hadn't had an orgasm because my lust was replaced by embarrassment.

After a couple of minutes the door opened again and mom walked in again. I just looked at her not knowing what to say.

"I thought we she have a little talk," she said sitting next to me on the bed. "You don't have to be embarrassed about this. It is a natural thing."

"Aw mom," I said in a whiny tone, "can't we just pretend this didn't happen."

"It's okay sweetie," she said. "Your father and I never did have the big sex talk with you boys. I guess we figured you'd stay little boys forever. We've put it off long enough, I think we should talk about it right now before we shy away from it again. I would have your father do it, but he's going to be away for another week."

"I know everything I need to know," I said trying to dodge the conversation. "We learned all about sex and what to do in 5th grade."

"You have never done it have you?" she pressed on with the topic."No," I said. "I have never even seen a girl naked in real life.""Never?" she sounded surprised.Realizing that this might be a great opportunity for me I asked, "Mom, do you think you could show me what a naked lady looks like, just to satisfy my curiosity?"She shifted on the bed and thought for a minute, "I suppose so, but this is strictly educational, right?"I nodded.

She slid off her tank top exposing her bra. My prick leapt back into action. She was still sitting next to me and turned her back to me."I need some help with this," she said. "Can you undo that for me?"

I unlatched the bra and she turned towards me holding her bra on her breasts. She hesitated for a minute then slid it off. Her breasts were more beautiful than I imagined. They were about average sized and perky with pink nipples.

"Can I touch them?" I asked.

She looked unsure, "I suppose so, but just to satisfy your curiosity" I reached out and touched her breast above the nipple. Then I got more daring and moved down and rubbed her nipple a little. It started to get erect under my hand. I reached out with my other hand to feel the other nipple when she stopped me.

"That's enough," she said. "Let's not get carried away."

She started to reach for her bra, "What about the rest?" I asked.I don't know about this," she said."Please?" I begged."All right I guess," she said after a short pause.She stood up in front of me and slid her shorts slowly down her legs.She had white panties on and I could see that her pussy was a little wet.When she got her shorts down to her ankles she kicked them over to me and giggled a little. She started messing around and swayed her hips back and forth, mimicking a lap Anilcer. I smiled and grabbed a dollar out of my desk.

I reached out and she moved over so I could slide it into her panties. She spun around and continued to Anilce seductively. My eyes were glued to her."How about helping mommy with her underwear?" she moved closer to me.I was still sitting on the bed when I slid her panties down her thighs, savoring the moment. I dropped them around her ankles and sat up.Her pussy was right in my face. She backed up and kicked her panties up which landed on my head. When I didn't even flinch and kept staring at her she started giggling and fell on the bed next to me laughing."That was kind of fun," she said smiling.

"Very," I added."Okay, back to business," she said getting up right in front of me."Now I'll let you look me over until you're satisfied."I stared at her lovely snatch for a moment. It looked great too.She had a pretty small vagina. I could see her pussy lips and the small patch of black hair just above her clit. I reached out to touch her pussy and she backed up.

"I don't know if that is a good idea," she said hesitantly.

"C'mon," I pleaded. "It's not a big deal. I'll never be satisfied if I don't."

She let out a sigh and came closer. I ran my fingers up and down her pussy lips. Then I rubbed on it a little bit and she started to get really wet. My hand was starting to get really wet with pussy juices now. She started to blush and backed away.

"What was that mom?" I inquired. "Why were you getting all wet?"

"Um, that just happens someShankares," she said trying to dodge the question.

"Come on mom," I pressed on. "I thought I was learning here."

She finally gave in, "Okay I'll tell you. It happens when a woman gets um, when she gets aroused. Like when you have an erection. Same thing."

"So you were aroused by me?" I said enthusiastically.

"Well, it just happens when somebody touches you there," then she added, "would you like another feel while I am still wet?"

"Sure!" I said jumping up.

I put my hand on her again and rubbed her clit. Then I slipped a couple of fingers into her and felt around. She shuddered a little, but didn't back away. My fingers were drenched now and I slid them in and out easily. After about a minute of this she grabbed my wrist.

"Hold on," she stopped me. "I think it's my turn to have a little fun."

She grabbed my shirt and lifted it over my head. Then she bent down and pulled my pants around my ankles. She opened up my boxers and pulled them down being careful not to catch them on my tent pole. I stepped out of my clothes and we stood before each other totally naked. Then she pushed me down so I was sitting on the bed again. She got on her knees in front of me and ran her fingers up and down my shaft.

"Oh mom!" I moaned. "That feels soooo good!" She continued stroking it and played with my balls a little. Then, to my amazement, she leaned down and kissed the head of my prick. She started licking my dick, running her tongue up and down the shaft. I thought I was going to explode right there. She wrapped her lips around my penis and started sucking. I couldn't believe it! I had to keep watching her to make sure it wasn't a dream. She was slobbering all over it now and drool ran down my dick. After a couple of minutes of this I was ready to cum down her throat when she suddenly stopped.

"It's Shankare for the main event," she said lifting her head up.

She laid down on the bed in front of me. I got on top in between her legs. She grabbed my head with one hand and pulled it close to hers. Then she reached up and locked me into a deep kiss. She stuck her tongue into my mouth and my eyes went wide with surprise. When the shock settled I kissed back and put my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues played with each other for a minute until we parted, out of breath.

"That was great honey," she said. "Are you ready for this?"

"Oh yeah," I managed to choke out.

She reached down and guided my penis into her waiting pussy. My dick was still soaked with her slobber and her snatch was still drenched with fluids so I easily glided into her. I only had a 6 inch prick, but her pussy was so tight that it still hugged me tightly. I started pumping her in and out very slowly. She moaned and moved her hips to the rhythm.

"Oh mom! This is great!" I cried out.

"Oh baby! That's my little boy! Ohhhhhh!" she moaned.

After a few minutes I picked up the pace and banged her pussy with my prick. My balls started slapping against her. Our bodies moved back and forth on the bed furiously.

"Oh mom! Oh mom! Oh mom!" I yelled.

"Oh honey! Fuck me honey! Fuck me! Fuck me! That's it! Yes!

Yes! Yes! Ohhhhh!" she screamed loudly.

The bed was squeaking and mom was screaming. Anybody in the house had to hear us, but I didn't care. I could feel myself building to an orgasm. Then all of a sudden mom arched her back and we came at the same Shankare. I exploded into her pouring hot cum into her pussy. Her juices went all over my Dick and onto her stomach. Then we collapsed. I fell on top of her and we both laid there hot and sweaty. My prick wilted and I slid it out of her pussy. We held each other for a couple more minutes.

Neither one of us felt guilty about it. We just got dressed and went on with our day. It was lucky for us that Raju and Anil had gone to the park.

They left a note on the counter telling where they went.

The next couple of days went like any other, but I could not stop thinking about mom and I's experience. I didn't jerk off hopeful that we would do it again as soon as I got the courage to ask her. Dad wouldn't be home for about 5 more days so we had Shankare.

After breakfast one day, I stayed to help mom clear the table. When Anil and Raju left I confronted her.

"Mom, you enjoyed our little get-together two days ago didn't you?" I asked.

"Of course I did honey," she assured me. "Actually, that was the best sex I've had in months! Your father is just so ordinary. He's okay, but there's no excitement involved. I'd sure like to do it again someShankare."

"How about right now?" I asked eagerly.

"Actually I have got to go to Raju's little league game in about 15 minutes," she said disappointed. "I'll tell you what, why don't we go into my room and I'll give you a quick hand-job."

She led me into her room and I sat on the bed. Mom took off my shorts and got some Vaseline. She wrapped her hand around my rock hard prick and started jacking me off. We both were getting into it and she started to lean down to take me in her mouth when suddenly, then door swung open.

"Hey mom! It's Shankare to-," Raju stopped in mid sentence. "Holy shit!" Mom and I stood frozen. Then Anil came running in.

"Raju what is it?" he stopped in the doorway. Holy shit!" "What is going on here?" Anil questioned as mom and I pulled up my shorts.

"Um kids," mom didn't know what to say. "Amit and I were just having a conversation about sex. I think we all should talk about it.

"Why was your hand on his thing?" Raju asked.

"I was just showing him how to uh, relieve some tension," she put it nicely. "I think that the four of us should sit down and have a little talk about sex."

We all sat down on the bed together and mom put her arms around us.

Raju had no idea yet about masturbation so he was the first to speak up.

"What in the world were you doing to Amit though, mom?" Raju asked.

"It is called masturbation," mom explained. "When you get an erection and you want to relieve it you can use masturbation. It is a good thing and it feels good too. Let me show you honey."

Mom took down Raju's shorts and underwear. He wasn't hard yet but a little of mom's rubbing and he was perked up.

"Here you go honey," mom dipped into the Vaseline jar and rubbed up and down Raju's dick.

"Ohhhh," Raju groaned. "That does feel good."

"How about me mom?" Anil spoke up.

"Sure honey," she stroked Raju and Anil at the same Shankare. "Hey, how would you guys like to see what a woman looks like with no clothes on?"

We all nodded enthusiastically.

"I'll show you guys under one condition," she continued, "you have to promise not to tell anyone about any of this. Especially dad."

We all agreed and mom stood up to go into her Anilce again. She started with her shirt that she pulled over her head and tossed to us. Then her shorts which kicked to us. She Anilced around in her underwear for a couple of minutes until we all chanted for her to take it all off. She unhooked her bra and Anilced around holding it on her for a minute. Then she brought it down and tossed it aside. Her breasts fell free and exposed in front of us. We all had our dicks hanging out stroking them now. Then she turned her back to us and slid her panties down her legs slowly while swaying her hips. She bent over giving us a clear view of her pussy. Then she turned around and tossed the panties to us. She was totally naked now except for a pair of tube socks which she kept on. We all cheered. Mom walked over and sat between us.

"What did ya think guys?" she said laughing.

Raju and Anil asked if they could touch her boobs and she let them.

They went through the same thing I did even getting her pussy all wet.

Mom was extremely horny by now. "How would you guys like to see what sex feels like? Of course we all nodded.

"Okay then," mom went on. "What we are going to do is called an orgy. I am going to have sex with all three of you at once. So everybody strip down."

We all immediately took our clothes off.

"Anil since you are the heaviest, you get the bottom. Lay on your back on the bed," mom instructed. "I'll get on top of you and Raju will get on top of me. Amit, you stand in front of us on the edge of the bed."

We all got into position. Mom guided Anil's penis into her wet pussy.

"Where am I supposed to put my thing?" Raju whined."Put it into my asshole," mom instructed him.Raju looked surprised, but stuck his little dick into her tiny butt."Now everybody just start pumping in and out of me," mom said as she took my dick in her mouth.Raju and Anil started pumping in and out of their mother. They went slowly. Mom rocked back and forth on the bed. She had my dick in her mouth and worked the head with her tongue. She started drooling all over me again.

Spit dripped down to the carpet. Mom started to moan loudly, but my dick muffled her sound. Anil and Raju were getting into it now and pumped harder and faster. Mom's eyes rolled back into her head and she started squealing a little louder. I

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