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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sister-In-Law's Rape

This is a true story. It happened to my current wife's sister, Reeta, in the summer of 1993. Reeta was 42 then and stunningly attractive. She's 5'6" and weighs about 120 lbs. She's the mother of two grown children and seems to have retained, if not improved the figure of her youth. I've always considered her best feature to be her beautiful legs but she also sports a magnificent pair of 38 D's with large areolas and large succulent nipples. She has always been proud of her figure and has made a habit of tastefully showing it off. The sight of her long tan legs in a short skirt topped by those bountiful bouncing boobs is nothing less that salacious. She still turns heads wherever she goes. Men hit on her all the time and she is always flattered and gracious, even in response to the crudest approach. On the big day, a Saturday, she went to the grocery store right after lunch to pick up a few things for the weekend. Her husband was out of town on business but she expected him home Sunday evening. She was wearing a short pleated skirt that fell about six inches above the knee, garter and hose, high black heels, and a tight stretch top without a bra. I should stress here that despite my description of her appearance she has the class and beauty to dress this way and still not look the slightest bit slutty. I can assure you that she was arousing plenty of attention, but most of her admirers took nothing more than a discreet look. One was a little bolder. Reeta realized that a young indian man was discretely following her around the store and she decided to have a little fun with him. When she caught him looking out of the corner of her eye she'd make a point of bending over a display case, and once, when he was behind her, she dropped something on the floor and bent over from the waist granting him, no doubt, a pretty good view of her stocking tops and garter. She left out this part of the story when she later found reason to describe her day to the police. He kept his distance in the store but caught up to her in the parking lot. She was not frightened because guys have hit on her frequently throughout her marriage and all of them had accepted her polite rejections.

The young man introduced himself as Karan and complimented her effusively on her appearance. Reeta was flattered as usual, and as usual polite. He helped her with her groceries and asked her she would go out with him and she responded that she might have taken him up on his offer if she wasn't happily married, but her husband frowned on her dating other men. He couldn't be brushed off so easily though, and assured her that her husband need not know. She again politely declined his offer and he seemed to accept his defeat graciously. Reeta had no idea that Karan had followed her home from the parking lot until he walked into her garage while she was unloading groceries. He had parked his car around the block out of sight. Startled, she calmly asked him what he was doing there and told him he had to leave. She didn't get scared until he pushed the button to close the garage door and pulled out a knife. He told her that from the first moment he'd laid eyes on her he knew he was going to fuck her. She was too scared to run and had no where to run to anyway. He grabbed her around the waist with one hand while he held the knife threateningly with the other and pulled her into the house. They ended up in the living room. Terrified, Reeta decided right away not to offer any resistance. She told him she'd do whatever he wanted as long as he didn't hurt her. He seemed skeptical that he had intimidated her so easily and ordered her to pull down her top and show him her tits. He was already showing signs of enjoying her fear, but when she complied so easily with his first instruction it seemed to excite him. He told her to play with her nipples and make them hard.

Again she did as she was told. "Oh baby," he chortled, "I'm gonna love fucking you. Get on your knees and suck my cock," he commanded. Reeta cringed, but she complied. He made her open his trousers and take it out and put it into her mouth. His cock was longer and much thicker than her husbands, and uncircumcised. Pulling back on the foreskin revealed a huge bulbous head. When she started to suck it she could feel his legs begin to wobble. Hardly a minute went by before he told her get on the sofa and spread her legs. It was at that point Reeta noticed that the patio drapes were wide open and that anyone in her yard or looking over the fence could see in. Her neighbor Haresh, often visited by knocking at their patio door. Perhaps he'd see what was happening and call the police. Haresh, as it turned out, did come over for a visit, but things didn't turn out quite as Reeta had imagined they would. When Haresh got to the patio door he had a clear view into the living room. Karan had long since discarded the knife and to Haresh it looked like it was going to be his lucky day. From his point of view, his pretty neighbor, whom he'd always jealously suspected of fooling around, was fucking another man while her husband was out of town. His first concern was that they'd stop if they saw him but before he could move out of view he was spotted by Karan who merely smiled and kept right on fucking Reeta. Haresh was seeing Reeta's magnificent boobs for the first time, and was also quite aroused by the sight of her with her skirt push up around her waist, stockings and garter wrapped around another man's back.

Reeta wasn't aware of Haresh's presence until Karan, who was not the slightest bit concerned about being seen, told her she'd better put on a good show for her neighbor. When she saw Haresh standing at the door leering at them her last hopes for a rescue were extinguished. When Haresh saw Reeta look at him and continue to fuck Karan he got even more turned on and threw caution to the winds. To her utter astonishment, when Reeta next looked at Haresh he had his cock out and was masturbating as he watched Karan fuck her. Strangely enough, Karan's pistoning cock was beginning to take it's toll. She was surprised to find her fear being replaced by excitement. Haresh's actions suddenly seemed somehow erotic. Karan told her he wanted her to give her neighbor a real show and pulled her to a position right in front of the sliding glass door. It was Haresh's turn to be stunned. When Karan ordered her to get on her knees and suck his cock for Haresh, Reeta became extremely excited herself. She complied with a vigor that Karan apparently found pleasantly surprising. "That's it baby, suck my cock you slut," he told her. "Show your neighbor how a cheating bitch like you sucks a big dick." She wanted to gobble it up she was getting so turned on. She was swallowing every inch of it, trying to drain his balls, fingering her own clit. But Karan wanted to fuck her some more. This time he took her from behind, standing up. He had her pushed up against the door and banged away at her with his fat cock, her big tits flattened against the glass right in front of Haresh's face. Haresh couldn't take it any longer. Reeta had never been so turned on, so full of lust. Haresh shot his cum at her onto the glass door and left happy. Karan continued to fuck her against the glass, One of his arms reached around her hips and his hand relentlessly fingered her clit. "My cock loves your tight wet cunt baby," he said. "Women like you are all whores at heart," he told her. "You love my big cock don't you, you white slut. You like getting fucked by the nasty Mexican don't you bitch," he asked? Reeta came. "Answer me slut," he ordered her, "do you love my big desi dick fucking your pussy?" "Yes," Reeta said now, and meant it too. "Yes." Reeta came again, and a third a final time when Karan blasted his cum into her cunt. She called the police as soon and he left and reported it as rape, but she was too embarrassed to tell them what she'd done in the store, or about Haresh, so she cleaned up the glass door before they arrived. She only reported the rape because she feared trying to explain to her husband if Karan had made her pregnant. How do I know? Because six months later she told me all the details as I fucked her. She also told me that she lied to the police so that Karan would not be caught. Karan has in fact returned to fuck her on many occasions. But Karan's not the only one now. My once faithful sister-in-law has turned into quite a slut, fucking myself, her neighbor Haresh, and Karan every chance she gets now!

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