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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sautailee Maa Ki Chudai Part 3

Hi Folks,
We`re back again, but this time its not Abu, Infact its me, Sameena, His step mom. Acttually I liked the idea of sharing our sexual experirnces with U all. It realy excites me and gives me tickling sensation in my body.

I was encouraged to share the latest experience with U by the huge amount of mails from the readers of the Stories on

Abu has praised me a lot in the two previous parts of our stories, He`s infact praised every part of my body he has explored which i think is a little bit of exxageration. now, if I don`t tell U all as to what he is actually like then it would be injustice on his part. To me, he at the age of 21 is a perfect man with a well crafted white body, 5'10" tall, he is a perfect piece of manhood. His Penis, offcourse, which I`ve never seen in normal size bacause he says," Mere tumhari taraf dekhne se hi ye khada ho jaata hai", is about 7 to 8 inches long and 2 inches in diameter when he`s fucking me. It has always excited me and I`ve enjoyed every inch of it.Having sex with him is always an Out of the world experience for me. I generally get satisfied when he fucks me twice into my cunt but the satisfaction is instantaneous, I again feel hungry for his body after a couple of hours, hungry for his lips, his chest, his hips, aboveall for his 7 inched manhood.Yesterday again we got a chance to exlore each other in the afternoon when my son and husband were at school and office respectively. This time he said," Chalo Saamu, aaj hum dono ek doosre ko nehlate hain, Bada maza aaega". I was excited at this idea too.

We entered the bathroom with all the arrangements, I locked the door from inside, I pulled him into my arms as he pulled down the pallu of my sari, my Bosoms pressed against his chest, he squeezed me into his arms, we locked our tounges, A
shiver went down my spine. I raised up his arms and removed his t-shirt, massaged his chest with my soft hands. meanwhile, His hands were on my blouse, pressing my hard tits. He then unhooked it to reveal my large Boobs clad in a white bra. "Oooh", I moaned, he stripped my upper body totally, he rolled his fingers on my back, kissed and licked my neck and then bent down on his knees before me, He pulled down my saree, loosened my petticoat`s string as it dropped down, he squeezed my huge ass`s cheeks, rolled his fingers into my panty, gushed through my jungle into my wet Love Hole, finally he pulled my
panty down. I was feeling very horny, I was sweating with with the heat of his body. It`s always a great feeling for a woman to be naked before a man, riding him into the heaven ,u know it if U`re a woman. anyway, It was my turn now, I unbuckled his pants,unzipped it , pulled it down massaging his thighs softly. His erect manhood was now right in front of my eyes, just a few inches away, waiting anxiously to jump out of his wet underwear, Oh! I love it ! I couldn`t hold for long, I freed it immediately and started to suck it, he said," Mujhe bhi apni Choot choosne do". I lied on the floor under the shower, we got into 69 position and tasted each other`s heavenly bodies. I sucked his full length rod while his tounge reached out to my clitoris to tickle it, we both splashed into each other finally.
He took soap and rubbed it all over my body, "Aha" it was the best bath of my life, He cleaned my Clit by putting two of his fingers inside it, "Ouch, Aur andar", I said. Then he nicely cleaned my Ass cheeks, pressing them hard and spreading them apart to push his fingers deep into it. Then came the turn of upper part, he squeezed me Melons as he rubbed them with soap. My body was thoroughly cleaned by now. Then it was my turn to give him a hot bath, Starting from his hair, I soaped his upper body.Then I laid him upside down before me, I sat on my knees with him lying between my thighs. I rubbed
his back, came downwards to clean his white butts, I squeezed them, pushed my fingers into his asshole, he shouted in pain,"Aaram se jaan, dard hota hai.

Hamara hole Ladkiyon jitna bada nahi hota". I turned him back face to face, his Cock was right in front of my Love Hole now. I took it into both my hands and started stroking it, Wow, I couldn`t hold, I pushed it inside my Hot Choot. I placed my hands over his shouders and bent down to give my Melons into his mouth, he started to eat them and dig his fingers into my Ass,
squeezed it`s cheeks, while I was jumping up and down to send his cock deep inside my Choot. He splashed his hot cum into my hole and I was relieved. We then washed each other`s bodies and finished the Sexcapade promising each other to meet again soon with a long French Smooch.

So, Howzzat Friends ???? Do write to us. And my son wants more females to mail him. C`mon girls catch hold of him, U `would love to get fucked by him, It`s my experience. Mail him at Wait for oue
next SEX show...

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