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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pleasing Mom's

am Vijju 29yrs old I am going to tell you a true story which happened when I was 18yrs old we used to live in a village in east Gdavari district Andhrapradesh I have one sister older to me and my sister used to sleep together with my mum my dad expired when I was young I used to sleep in between my mother and sister when it was summer due to the heat we used to swim in our pond my mum and my sister used to bathe in their petticoats as I was used to seeing them bathe since I was small I never used to get aroused one day a friend showed me a book which had people fucking in different poses this was the first time I saw such a book my friend told me that it was a very pleasurable act then when I met my sister in the afternoon I showed her that book she said what is this why don't we try it then my mother over heard us and scolded us then my mother took me at the back of the house and told me as to where I learnt such things I told her about that book and showed it to her and told her I would like to try it she said it was a bad thing I started begging my mum and asked to please show me her breasts at least she said no then I started crying she felt sorry for me and said don't cry and unbuttoned her blouse to reveal to big hanging breasts with thick and long nipples they were black in colour then I told her that I would like to touch them once she said only once and I took my palms and placed my small hands on those big hanging tits of hers then I said that I would like to see in between her legs then she said okay but only once then she lifted her sari I said I could not see anything properly since her saree was in between she said okay and removed her saree to reveal a big bushy cunt my mum had a big belly with a bellybutton which was deep and wide I asked her to turn around and so a very big bum whose cheeks where like two pumpkins and a deep groove in between them I noticed my dick getting hard and I asked my mother why it became hard she asked me to show it to me when I showed it to her she said your dick looks exactly like your dads then she said that your dads dick used to give me so much pleasure I said mummy cant I give you that pleasure she said that I could but it was not right I said mummy I owe you a lot I looked after me so good I have to repay you by giving you pleasure and suddenly put her on the floor and put my big swollen prick into her pussy after only a few strokes I shot my load then I started to feel her body again and had another erection this time it lasted longer since then I used to regularly screw my mum now my mum is 50yrs old but I still fuck her even though I have a beautiful wife.

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