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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Me And Sidra

My name is Javed and I am from Karachi Pakistan.first I am telling you about me that I am from punjabi family living with mother and brother.My father died in an accident 3 year back.This is a story of me and our neighbor Sidra who also belong to punjabi family.
First i would like to tell you about the Sidra she is 19 with a sexiest body that i every saw in my life with D cup breast i think size is 34 25 35.She is very very famous in our area due to her fucking body and her style.Most of guy of our want to fuck her.Oh!! i miss that i am good palmist and my prediction some times come true.As Sidra is my sister best friend and come to my regularly to meet my sister but last year my sister get married so she comes to my house once a week.The story start suddenly last week when in the evening i am sitting with my mother and my cousin Sidra comes to my house and ask for my sister that whether she is here or in susral but my sister is in her susral so she take a seat besde my mother and talking her but here and there.Siddenly my cousin ask me to see her hand and tell her about her future.Sidra is seriously paying attention to my words what i am telling to my cousin.When i free then she ask me to also tell her about their future but i am in hurry so i told her that i no wi am in hurry please come later and thenleft home with my firnds.
But exactlt the next dau in the morning she comes agian and ask me for teling for the future.Its my luck that today no is is at home so i told her to come right in the sitting room and then i closed the door.I took her hand telling her for her future suddenly i dont know what is going to happen with that may nay us ko aik daam say apni bahoon may lay liya likin wo kuch nahin bolli then i kissed her on her lips and put my toungue in her mouth and kissed deeply.She also give me response and then i took her breast im hand and preesss she suddenly moaned loudly Ahhhhhhhhhhh Uhhhhhhhhhhh

she is going to be in heaven i took all her clothes open her bra her breast is so beautiful and in very well shapped i took her nipple in my mouth and suck it for almost 5 minutes she still moaning heavily .Atfer that i opened her shalwar and took her panties off , her panties is also wet She Is Hot.May nay us ko phir zammen par hi litta diya or uss ki choot par hath pehranay laga us ki awwazain niklna shuruu ho gain that she is getting best pleasure in her life.I took my lund in my hand and first find her wetpussy her hole is very tiny but i first put the top there and suddenly with liight push my dick gone inn she is now moaing loudly with pain like Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh UUUUUhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Basssssssssss javed Darddd ho raha hay naa karo plzzzzzzzzzzzzz choorrrrrrrrrr dooooooooooooooo but after few seconds she is also enjoing this and i am pupming deep and depppppp faster like a fucking dog you know this is my first experience so i come inside her and soon she also come and i saw her juice coming out from her pussy.Then i asked her turn off and i put my lund in her Asshole and she moned with real pain Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
and i come again or may nay apni sari koney us kay babbaon kay uper dalll.Achanak call bell rang or may aik daamm uth gaya Sidra is still laying down so i ask her to pt off youe clothes bcz some one is coming.After that we also meet out in hotels and also take part in fucking.After 2 month she told me that she is pregnant but no problem i am going ot be married in next month.So i get some relisf with her word .
If any body want to conact me me

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