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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Never Dump Your Girlfriend

am Assha 21 years of age I was dumped by my boyfriend because he found another girl more sexier. Well she was all alone now and started work for a company in the suburb of Mumbai as an assistant secretary.The below story is tell me by her friend to me so story is print as it is as get from her.

One weekend while she was i mean Assah leaving the office she had seen the light on in the boss’s cabin. As she is always the last to leave the office she has to switch off all the lights. When reaching the cabin door that was slightly open she hears some moaning sound. She peeps through the opening and sees that her boss was sucking the senior secretary’s breast who was moaning. "Oh, my!" she whispers to herself, taking a long and deep sigh. She peeps back in. Her boss was fully clothed and the senior secretary had a bare top where he was sucking and fondling her small nipples. Assha had much bigger nipples than that of the senior secretary. The senior secretary was sitting on his chair while he took of his tie, shirt and finds the door was open. As his chest was naked, Assha was getting horny, as she loved muscles with hair, which her boyfriend did not have. The boss walks towards the door to shut it. He closes the door but there was one more place where she could watch them and that was the hole in which he used to give the senior secretary her filework. She quickly ran to the senior secretary’s cabin hoping that the hole was kept open, which was. She looks through it seeing her boss removing his underwear and out came the longest penises she had ever seen. Her hand went to her pussy and she started masturbating. He then removed her skirt, her black panty and started sucking her pussy. The senior secretary was in heaven moaning and her hand on his hair as Assha was getting horny watching her. He sucked her for a few minutes got up and went near his closet, opens it and wallah… a portable bed. The senior secretary gets up, walks towards him, pushes him on the bed, removes her shoes and gets on the bed. She then guides his penis to its destination and they had sex for the rest of the night. Assha left after fifteen minutes.

The next morning passed with no notice of her senior at work. Assha’s boss arrived at her table and gave her a big smile and she returned it. "Hello Sir", she said. "No Sir call me by my name Suraj", he replied. "Ok Suraj", she replied. That day he gave her a lot of work and wanted it finished that day itself. She sat late at night completing the work but her boss had not yet left. He came out of his cabin and seen her doing the work. "Still not finished by now", he asked her. "Suraj you have given me so much of work. Please do some of the work", she replied. "Why did I hire you", he asked her. At that moment an erotic feeling oozed through her body as she could see his bulging muscles, which she dreamed of feeling on her tender skin. She went and kissed him tightly on the lips. He returned back the kiss harder as his hand started exploring her body from her big ass to her breasts pressing and massaging both. They kissed for some time and then showered kisses on each other’s body. She whispered in his ear, "Suraj give me more". Hearing that he carried her to his cabin and kept her on the already opened bed as if he was hoping to have sex with her. Well Assha did the job of starting the sex for him herself. He quickly undressed as Assha got to look at his erect big cock but later she would feel it thrusting her flesh. He was fully naked now as he moved on the bed, swiftly opened her blouse and looked at her gigantic boobs. "You’ve got the biggest boobs I’ve ever seen", he told her. "Yeah and you’ve got the biggest dick I’ve ever seen", she replied. He removed the straps of her bra as a pro and in a flash his mouth was already sucking and biting her left nipple. He was like a hungry cat without milk. "Ooh, baby, mmmmmmm… you’re the best sucker, lick more harder please…. yes, yes uh". While he was sucking she slowly removed her skirt and panty. Slowly and sexily kissing every centimeter of her body he went to her pussy, kissed and licked it like mad that Assha screamed in joy, "Aaaaahhh… nicely you fucker…uh… ooh… uh… ooh". He kept on going deeper, deeper and then finger fucked her till she cummed. He tasted every bit of it; "You’re great to taste… umm". "Thanks a lot that’s the first time anyone has licked me and finger fucked me in my pussy", she replied. He took his cock and mouth fucked her with it as she was sucking it like an ice scream. "Mmmmm…mmmmmm", she whispered. "Yeah… yeah… lick it like a bitch, yes", he whispered back as he cummed and spread it all over her tits and mouth. She took her boobs and sandwiched his cock. He pulled out his cock, got up and inserted it slowly inside her pussy and now she had the chance of being in heaven. "Yes… oh my… you mother fucking asshole", she screamed with moans. He grew faster with each moan… the bed started rocking as well as her boobs with an up and down movement. He caught hold of her breasts tightly to stop it from shaking and pushed on faster. She could feel his penis muscles inside her pussy walls, "Yes, yes, more, aah, ooh". Finally he pulled out and cummed on her stomach as she licked every bit of it. He went to his drawer, removed a cream and applied it on his dick. He came back, turned her upside down and fucked her in the ass and she shouted in pain, "Aaaaah! You bastard". His pace went on quicker and thrusted as hard as he could… his muscles growing harder… as if he wanted to tear her ass apart. She yelled, "Stop please… its hurting". But that did not stop him as he pushed harder in and she held on to the bed as hard as she could. He removed out his cock after a minute of strong fucking. "I’ve never fucked a woman in the ass before, you are the first one", he told her. She caught hold of him, smooched him and kissed his muscles as her soft body met his hard masculine body. It made her ever so hot. He again went to work on his boobs. "Now you know why you hired me", she said and kissed and sucked his balls.

The rest of the night was pure ecstasy as he fucked her three more times and one time in the ass. She slept with him and told her parents that she had extra work. Her parents did not trust her and so they sent her ex-boyfriend to the office. He came and seen that she was having sex. She too seen him and she kissed her boss more. Her boyfriend returned home telling her parents that she was really working as he felt pity for her. Assha’s boss took her to his apartment and they had more fun in the shower which is another story.

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Keep having fun till that time.

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