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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Aunty Fuck

This is a true story which happened to me when i was at the age of 13. I am an NRI (a non-resident indian) and i reside in Fiji.We came to India for our vacation. Well, It was one fine day when i thought of visiting my grand parents in a remote village, myself. I was not quite aquainted with the transport system of that of India, but i still managed to get to the village and I had to walk for about 3 Kms to reach my grand-dad's house.
To my dismay, there were no one in the house, just my aunt. She was always been my second mother to me, and she too considered me as her son, until today. I asked where everyone went, and her reply came as that there was some funeral or sort of stuff like that and they had to go for it. But the thing that simply hit my ear, was that we both had to be alone at-least for
three days.Hey! no problem at all! I love to hang out with her! But, there was something else that i found out, she was acting differently, I concluded that it would be something to do with the funeral.That's it! No more questions on funeral to her.
The day passed fine, but it looked like she was waiting for the night to fall. Could be, and I felt that there was something wrong.
We were watching those boring TV series, especially being at remote makes the screen flubby. If I am not wrong, I saw her lifting her under pants, and when I looked at her, she smiled at me. And took the remote control from me
and turned to switch off the T.V.I became nervous, I don't know why, but I became nervous. She lifted her leg
and placed her feet slowly against my private part. I was like.. I couldn't move and I was really nervous by now. She could feel my erection, and she pressed me slightly harder. i think she enjoyed seeing me moaning. She smiled at me and went. I thought that was the end of it, but now, there was a different liking to me towards her, I heard some things going on, and she
returned, wet and naked..... THAT WAS IT, I simply travelled my eyebalsl from top to bottom of her gorgeous body, Her body was that of like silk that like of a model. My god, I think I instantly had a erection, and she could
see it clearly through my pants. She came to me and knelt down in front of me. I was in a constant state of shock, confusion and all that stuff.. I mean I have'nt done this before and also I have not intended to.She rubbed the hump on pants with her soft, wet hands and looked at me and said, "I think this needs to come out" she said clinging onto my erect penis "could you unzip yourself, so that it can rest onto my hands?" DAMN! this did feel good, I did it, almost a second. She looked at my cock, and looked at me, "My!, that is a big cock for your age!" Well, i know it isn't, a 6"
cock is actually nothing compared to the one I saw in my Bio text book.She rubbed my cock as I was still trying to enlarge my cock. She gave it a lick and looked at me, "hmm! tastes too good!"Be naked and be naked was my aim, I removed my t-shirt, and came out of my pant and under wear
Now we both was standing there face to face, completely nude By now my penis is standing erect as a rod, she smiled and guided me to her bedroom.
I started covering my erection with my hand. She smiled and took my hands from there. "there's nothing to be ashamed of.."she said, as she drew her hair to the back and at that time i got a glimpse of her boobs. beautiful, extraordinary it was like a stunning architectural work. She looked at me with her greedy eyes, and she started rubbing her hand on her pussy, slowly
at the beggining and then at an alarming pace, she closed her eyes as if she was enjoying it, she was oozing for sex a lot. But i think i was enjoying the most of it. I had my enlarged penis in my hand, but i did'nt know what to do now.. I was an amateur at this. She started to maon and I looked at her pussy, looked a bit wet. Then she stopped, She came to me, and made me
sit on her bed, I was still holding on to my penis, she took it away, and she told "i told you there is nothing to be ashamed about" .And she moved her head towards my erect penis. Her hot breath can be felt on my penis,
then it happened almost as quick. She started licking all the way up to the head and looked up to me. "have you had sex before?" . I simply nodded my head. So she came to know she was dealing with a ...a virgin.She gave that envious smile. she pressed my thighs apart , till it pained, and she got her two hands holding on to my dick. then she started to move to and fro, started sucking it. Whoa! this was immense pleasure! i could feel a electric bolt whenever she licked my penis head. then she used all her strength to suck my penis... Hell! i had a slight tingling feeling in my body, what was it?. I liked the whole thing so i pushed her to more depth.To my knowledge, I think she went way deep till she touched the balls and my private hair.
Then i could'nt withstand, whatever i was holding back.. first time in my life i saw it , the white explosion and straight to my aunt's mouth, she was sucking down all the last bit.. and looked at me. i was , stunned! Then she
sat beside me, and placed a hand on my shoulder. I got an eagle's view of her nipple. She kissed me and we started touching of our tongue.I put my hand stright to her nipple, that was beautiful, i slowly rubbed it
,and she closed her eyes and began to moan. When she opened , her hand drifted to my penis, the moment her hand touched it, it was ROCK hard! "let's make love.." she said Phew! that was it, I am getting that same tingling felling again, She laid
down and made her legs apart, she told me to hold her legs in that position. I had the time to look at her beautifully waxed legs, with her free hands she opened her pussy, " see the hole? insert it, make love to me" she said, My penis was going to burst, i thought it can't take it this long. I started to enter her, and it went easy, probably because my penis was small compared to the adult's.I started a rhythm and slowly began to feel the pleasure in the balls of my penis. And i started slowing down, i was expecting that. Then she started moving in that rhythm which i stopped and i slowly began to go out of control, I told her to slow down, but she didn'nt hear, she caught my penis tight with her hands and started to move up and down. i couldn't stand it anymore, i blew! i think that was the most powerful of orgasm explosion i ever had. It started off like a pipe with water leak in it. My aunt jumbed to this and she drank all the sperms she could. I felt really good after that! I lie down in the bed, while my aunt greedly lick my belly and thighs. No I felt like I have to fuck her. she should also have the same pleasure as I got. i stood up and looked at her, she gave me her envy smile, i knew she would, then she slowly parted her legs for me. this time i looked at her
pussy being opened and with my hard meat in my hand. i inserted it with great force.. she shouted. I wanted it, she made me shout, now she is going to like it. i started to push my penis heavily in and out of her, she started crying out loud, i did'nt care. She told me to slow down but i increased the pace, i even started to hold her up and began my to and fro
motion. i fucked her the way an animal would fuck. I think i also was getting erotically araised with this action. Till she gave a loud shout and made my penis wet her juice. my third orgasm of the day erupted, not very powerful as the second one and it all landed on my aunt's belly.She looked at me.. "i think you are a pro" she smiled at me and said that i had done a very good job.
She made me a whore after that. whenever i get a chance i watch porn and all sort of stuff like that.
She was the one who helped me learn how to masturbate.i am a sex maniac with over 7000 pics in my computer hard-drive just at that age.

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