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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Aunty Anita's Handyboy

As a youth I was somewhat shy and just listened as my friends talked about sex I never got up enough courage to make a move on a girlfriend. The furthest I had ever gone with the girls I dated was kissing and hugging. I had fun with them, at dances, parties and such, but nothing sexual. Some of my friends would tell me that they had done it their girl friends.Naturally, I would fantasize about it and masturbate but that was as close as I came.

One day in the fall of my senior year, my mother ask me to go over a house that her sister, my Aunty Anita, had just rented and light the pilot light on her furnace. My Aunty had divorced about 6 months before and was making the move from an apartment to a house. She was 34 at the time and fairly attractive, with a nice figure. I knocked on the door and she greeted me with her usual smile and let me in. Now the furnace was located under the floor in a crawl space under the house. Entrance to the crawl space was in a hallway next to the furnace. From this hall were the entrances to all rooms.
The furnace had one register directly above it. It was a large register about 3 by 4 feet. I went down in the crawl space and lit the pilot and then called up to her to turn up the thermostat. She came to the register where she could look down and see me. I could see up her dress to her panties but I was too embarrassed to say anything. She ask what I wanted and I told her
again to turn up the thermostat so we could see if the burner would light. She left and came back and stood over the register again but this time she had taken off her panties and stood with her legs apart.
I didn't say anything but I could feel the heat in me rise and my manhood immediately hardened. I just laid on my back and continued to stare, until the burner lit off. Then I came up out of the crawl space and adjusted my cock in the upright position so it wouldn't be so noticeable before coming out of the hole in the floor.
I stood in the hall and faced Anita and said,"Nice view from down there!” She had on a great big grin and said, “Would you like to see more and pulled up her dress in front up to her naval before I could answer. This was the first time I had seen a women's pussy and my cock was so full it was hurting. She dropped her dress and held out her hand. I was a slave. I took her hand and she led me into the bedroom where she pulled her dress up over her head and except for her shoes she stood naked, no bra and, of course, no panties.

I looked at her foolishly and said."I've never done this before!” “Don't worry, I will help you and we will have lots of fun. Take off you pants and sit down her on the side of the bed and I'll tell you what to do.” She smiled sweetly.

"You look nice honey"! Aunty Anita sighed as she finished undressing me. "Sit down !” she whispered and patted the bed. She lay back on the bed and I sat down beside her. Immediately, I placed my hands on her breasts and felt her nipples. I never knew that nipples could get long and hard! My excitement was rising and she could see it, “Wait a minute honey,” she cooed as she sat up and placed one hand around my balls and put the other arm around my waist from the back and held onto my cock which was constantly oozing semen and running down the shaft, and was so swollen it still hurt. “Let me milk you out before we get started honey!”, Aunty Anita sighed, squeezing my balls with one hand as she began to jack me off with the other. She knew what she was doing and in less than a minute, with a deep groan, I was squirting cream all over the place. When I had masturbated, I would get about 3 or 4 good squirts, but with her I shot jet after jet all over myself. She got up and walked to the bathroom and came back with some toilet paper and a warm wash cloth and cleaned up the silver spray. Then she laid down on top of me and panted “Now let me show you what a women likes!” Rolling to her side, she lifted one of her full breast and sighed, “Suck my nipples.” Was I ever eager! I put my mouth over her tit and began to suck and lick while
squeezing her other boob with my hand. “That's it honey, your doing fine.” She said. "Feel my legs," she gasped as she took my hand off her tit and placed it to the inside of her thigh. I was still sucking on her nipple as I felt the silky texture of her skin. She kept holding me by the wrist, guiding my hand where she wanted it most. “Let me do it.” I begged as I caressed her thighs, up to her mound of Venus, running my fingers through her silken pubic hair and finally into her crevice. It was easy going into
her with all the juices. “It's my love juice,” she cooed,“Put your finger all the way inside me!". As I probed at her entrance, she gave a squeal when I massaged a bud like spot. “That's my clitoris, honey. It feels real good when you massage it gently." I like two fingers, one on each side!" she added. "Oh yes, like that. It feels good lower too! Run your fingers down
and go partly in and then run them back to my clit!", she gasped and then cried out, " Ooh-yes-- yes- yes-Keep it up and don't stop sucking my tits!”
I wanted to get on top and stick my cock in but she said I had to wait until later. I kept sucking her hard nipples and running my fingers over her clit and inside her vagina and back up again. Her sighs were getting louder and her purring kept building the excitement. “ Keep rubbing my pussy and kiss my belly button!" she squeeled.Stick your tongue in it and lick me there!"She grasp my head with one hand and pushed it downward, began squeezing her breasts with the other. "Keep your fingers in my pussy, don't stop," she wailed as she pushed my head into it as well. “Lick my cunt honey! Open it up with your fingers! Lick and suck my clit! Oh god yes honey, oh dear god yes, don't stop, please don't stop.” She began pushing up
against my tongue and I was getting into the rhythm of sighs and gyrations. Then she seemed to be violent, pushing and jerking while uttering soft screams that excited me so I began ejaculating over and over. When she finally calmed down, she held her arms out to me. I came up to her and she wiped off my mouth with the wash rag. “ Thank you honey, she said, You were
good." "Now you can do what you want to do.” I have already cum twice.” I said. "Wait a minute and you can cum inside me," " Since this is your first time you must feel inside." "Kiss me If you want.” Wow did I ever! And as we kissed, my cock started to throb once more. She guided me into her and a thrill brought goose bumps all over my body. She could feel my excitement
and I began to pump hard. She placed her hands on my ass. "Honey, slow down and enjoy it! Go slow baby and feel your balls move down between my legs, feel my breasts against your chest. Put your lips on mine, suck my tongue
and then feel the heat and smoothness as you slowly glide in and out of me. Go slow and you will enjoy it more.” She kept talking to me softly and telling me what to feel. Oh, was it good, I sighed each time I pushed in and pulled back. " Feel how hot I am when you push in and feel the muscles of my cunt rip you as you pull out. Feel it -- in and out. Feel my legs against yours! Go slowly, feel the pleasure. Suck on my tits, do what you want. Kiss my armpits, feel my body with your hands!"
She kept talking the whole time, It was glorious beyond belief, My body was rocking with delight. Her hands, locked into the cheeks of my ass, rocked me in rhythm to my pumping.
“I'm cumming!” “Don't change your speed! Dear god Hal, don't change, just keep pumping me the same way!", Aunty Anita began to gush, her fingernails digging into my ass flesh. Her body was soaking wet with sweat and she was trembling, but she kept pushing up each time to meet me and I exploded, moaning deeply, over and over!
"Don't pull out for a minute honey, feel me all over and kiss me while we cool off a Bit" she sighed softly and smiled as she continued, " How did you like it?" I smiled and kissed her, my tongue dipping deeply into her mouth. When our lips finally parted, Aunty Anita slid downward and took my limp cock into her mouth and suck on it gently. Watching her red lips pucker around my shaft caused me to get hard again. I watched with awe as she continued to suck me until I was spewing my jizz into her mouth. As I grunted and watched, she savored every drop I fed her.
Returning to my side, she kissed me, smiled and whispered, "Hmmm, I think I'm going to have a great deal of chores for you to do around here!" "Really?" I grinned. "Really! As a matter of fact, you may even have to stay over night when I'm afraid to be alone!


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