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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

local bus

This happened to me when i was going to Tumkur from Bangalore to attend a marriage function of my tenant. I was traveling in a local bus , and as expected the crowd was very sick in the local bus ,it was almost crowded and about to move just then a lady In her early thirties was trying to stop the bus and got into the bus she had a kid of around three years
in her hand, she was fantastic she had a physique almost perfect ,she had a tinge of extra flesh making her even more sexy.. She had dark long hairs touching her arched butts her butts were protruding out making her look even more sexy, her belly area visible clearly under her transparent saree she had a navel attractive not to mention her boobs they were divine
.I got horny just looking at her ,luckily for me came and stood next to me ,in the jerk of the bus at times her butts were rubbing my shoulders, I was at the peak I was getting too horny. I took the advantage of the crowd and fingered her butts but she was not able to notice that in the large crowd ,gaining courage I started massaging her butts she got aware of the foul
play and gave me a stare warning me in her eyes. I was scared and stopped all mischief.

Just then a very old lady got into the bus and I was courteous enough to give the elderly lady my seat and got up from my seat, the old woman asked my maiden for her kid ,and made the kid to sit on her lap. I was standing right behind the sexy lady and I was checking all her stats ,and my dick was already in attention hard as a crowbar .Just then the bus jerked
, I had my crow bar in between those sexy butts, I was nervous fearing she may make mess of me in the public, Ooph…. That was not to happen she turned slightly and gave me a smile . Gainnig confidence I played all round her butts ,I enquired her if she would like to feel my tool, she smiled and let her hands straight down there .In the pressure of the crowd I kissed her
on her cheeks she asked me to control myself ,I put my hands in her belly area making her horny, and let my hand go down straight there and I was playing in that area she was moaning slightly in whisper , I could feel the curve of her butts ,I slightly unzipped my trousers and removed the tucked shirt for some covering ,I pressed my dick to enter between those
thundering thighs and I could feel my dick being played on the other side. Just then my maiden had noticed a co-passenger being aware of the happening and asked me to calm and told the rest will be continued in her house I was on the top of the world listening to the offer. We got down at a stop on the outskirts of the town , it was calm residential area
and we got an auto rikshaw and drove straight to her house it was a very posh house with nobody else in the house.
I asked for her name ,she said she was Sujatha and her husband was a civil engineer and was out of stations most of the time because he was handling irrigational projects , and was expected the next day after nearly
15 days of partition and she said she usually goes to her mothers house in Bangalore whenever he was going outstations . She asked me to stay for the night as her husband was expected the next day. I agreed with her offer and told her I will return back after the marriage party near the main bus stop she agreed and asked me to get fresh , I asked her to get ready
like a bride and promised her to treat her to great show, saying that I was parting and she kissed me and asked me to return early. I was feeling very different in the marriage party , I was thinking of Sujatha all the time, I felt as if I was missing my own wife .I returned back after 2hrs, I was back at my heaven ,she was waiting for me like my own wife, she hugged me and kissed me allover I knew she was crazy about me .I took her by my arms and carried her to the bed room she removed my shirt and kissed me allover the chest she said she had a liking for the chest like mine (my chest is full of hairs)she undid
my pants and she was showering kisses and I was in my U/W my dick was swelling like boa . I removed her silk night gown GOD…… she was the ultimate I undid her brasiers and her petty coat to view a woman in her in full glory, I asked her to put 4 steps back and was admiring her beauty like a kid admiring a pet ,I was dumb struck I was a puppet in her hands and she was governing me she removed my U/W and held my great tool in her mouth she was finding it hard to put my
tool in her cute little mouth she moved my tool in and out she was rolling her tounge allover my dick I was having great pleasure .I tried to withdraw my tool as I was about to cum, she did not allow me to do that she put my tool deeper in and started to suck all the love juice she licked every drop. She got up and positioned herself in dog pose giving me a full view
of her asshole ,she had a small hole compared to her big butts , she invited for a buttfuck .God…I was too horny I tried piercing my crowbar in the ass of my love ,as my tool was too heavy I was finding hard to pierce my piece, finally I did it I started moving my tool in and out it was quite painful but I was enjoying every bit of it , she started to scream
Ooooooooh….Aaaaaaaaah… fuck me my god ,fuck me my love ,after 10 minutes I came out with my molten lava she
is a economist she was not wasting my juice ,she sucked every bit of it. She changed position and giving me her full front view , now we were like husband and wife we were very comfortable with each other and her pussy was matured and had all those sexy flesh on it ,she wanted me to suck her pussy ,I said I don't like to lick wet pusssy, she got wild and
started to dress up I said sorry and convinced her, within seconds I was rolling my tounge allover I said her juice was better than DABUR HONEY. Now I started fucking her like a beast she started to scream louder and louder just as I was accelerating my movement .
she told me to relax then I started doing it in rhythmic fashion, she was moaning synchronisedly with ooooh…aaaaaaah…gough it was the fuck of my life . Both of us were very tired and we slept in each others arms satisfied, it was around 6am in the morning she woke me up with a cup of coffee and asked me to get ready as early as possible
as her husband was expected any time. Since then whenever her husband is out of station , I am into her station, she complains that she is not able to go to her mothers house because of me. She told me that she wanted to elope with me and could get a cash of around 1,00,000Rs /- and some jewels . I reminded her of her kid and husband and promised to return
whenever she wanted me ,she kissed me on my lips and And said bye for now HE-MAN

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