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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chudasi Bhabhi

I'm narrating the incident happened last month.

I moved to a new apartment and were eager to make friends. My next door neighbors were also from India (South). The couple was in mid 30s and have 2 kids.

The female name is Runadri (Runa) and hubby is Bala. Runa is 5'3" wheetish and smooth skin and great assets 38DD BOOBS and well round Ass. She used to wear low cuts and tight jeans, which shows her assets fully and arouse me a lot. I acquainted myself to them.

Last month I started to feel a greater urge to squeeze the 38DD watermelon and press my COCK of 8" against her gand. One day I came home during lunch time and saw her also coming from market. She was carrying some load and while climbing the stairs she slipped. I ran and held her but she had sprained her leg. I took her to her apartment. Her big BOOBS were against my arm. I had a tickling in my pants. I put her on the sofa and went back to pick her packages. I put them in the kitchen. She was resting on the sofa and breathing heavily, her 38DD boobs were moving and my 8" COCK was fully erect and made a tent. I tried to adjust but in vein. She on seeing that gave little smile even in pain. I asked her if she wants me to give her some medicine. She said if I can apply some Benge(Ointment). I readily agreed. I brought the medicine from the first aid box and came to sofa, she by that time had lied down and her skirt lifted to knees, showing her smooth legs. I asked where to apply. She said, she is having pain on her left thigh. She then lift her skirt on the left side exposing the full leg. I squeezed the tube to bring the medicine out and applied to her thigh. I started giving gentle message, Runa closed her eyes and my hands started to move higher up. She said she is having pain a little on the inner thigh up. I moved my hands inside and softly massaging. My finger touching her panties. She was wearing Black lace panties and I can see the wetness of the CUNT and hairy choot. My fingers exploring more of her Pussy above the panties.I started to hear her moan and suddenly felt a hand on my buldg. I couldn't control. I put my hand inside the panty and pulled it away exposing the red pussy.I put my mouth on it and started to lick. Runa unzipped my pant s and pull out the hard ROD COCK. I moved a little to go into 69 licking hard her pussy. she smelled good. She took my COCK into her mouth and moving her tongue on its length. I put my tongue deep into her pussy and slurping away all the juices while squeezing her 38DD Balloons. I couldn't wait longer so I took the COCK out of her mouth and after parting her legs, slammed it into her PUSSY. She gave a gasp and asked me "FUCK me harder!!, faster, harder!!, OOOOOOOOO." It made me mad and blood started to flow fast into my parts. My Body wiggling and I'm smashing my ROD hard into the wet well. I took hold of her Big balls and started pumping the CHoot with all my force. My practice of bench pressing was helping a lot. I was able to hold her with her mounds and stroking the CUNT with my Hard COCK like a horse. She was talking dirt saying "FUCK you bastard, fuck harder, taken my CUNT, tear my PUSSY". OOOOOOO what a COCK you have give to me all. shove it up my PUSSY. OOOOOOO I'm CUMMING. OOOOOO You are so lovely". All this was making me crazy and my COCK is about to burst, so took one TIT into my mouth and bit as I exploded into her CUNT. She came overwhelmingly on my COCK, her body shiver and she pressed her teeth into my shoulder. I collapsed over her. She closed her eyes while still biting on my shoulder. I go tup after some time and washed, dressed and ran to my apartments. She came to my apartment after sometime and then...

I'll let you know what happen next. Till then I'll appreciate emails from horny girls and bhabhi's. I'm looking into discrete sexual relation and love to do in public. I'm in Silicon Valley in California, USA. But I travel a lot to India and like to have fun at both these places.

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