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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

True One

For the past one week since my wife went to her parents I found this Site and started taking out prints of various stories available on the site. Few of them I found were matching to my first experience in sex with my bhabhi. After a long thought I decided to share it with you. At that time I was 17 and was in 11th standard. I am now 41 and she is 47. I Still look for girls/ladies for fucking and sucking. Till my marriage I have not had any sex other than my wife. Still I want to have with someone who wish to have it.

What happened on one day after marriage of my brother, my newly wedded bhabhi came out of her bedroom and saw me sitting on the drawing room. She just came running to me a kissed me. I was wondering what happened to her. After that she went to kitchen prepared tea for all the family. It was a joint family. After finishing my exam I was passing my time in watching tv or Reading books (not erotic). Days passed nothing happened after that kiss we were talking to each other the routine talks.

One day she was sweeping the floor I was in the room. My sister, mother and brother were busy in other room. She asked me remove the table from one side to another so that she can sweep well. I did not have any bad intention to her and helped her in the matter. After shifting the table I was waiting for her to sweep the area she swept it immediately and turned to me and asked me to keep the table back. After putting it back she caught me from the back keeping broom in one hand and kissed me again. After the kiss she asked me how I felt it. I remarked good and further told that the pressing from her boobs was very good. She asked me if I need more. I said yes.

Now she hugged me from the front and pressed me towards her. And asked how It is now. I told very nice and I wanted more. She gave me more, and told that she is feeling something hard between her thighs. Of course it was my rod which had felt something in it and for the first time became hard of hard. She asked me to press it towards her, which I did. After two three press when she can have it. I just smiled and she loosen the holdings.

After some time my sister and brother both went to school and brother to office. Only my mother was there. I took bath and came out of bathroom. Now my mother went to take bath. In the meantime my bhabhi went to clean Her bedroom. I could not stop myself and went upstairs to have a look of her. She Was busy in cleaning the room and went inside and I put my hand on her white blank space between blouse and sari. And kissed her lips and put she put her both the lips In my mouth. Her lips are very thin and it gives great pleasure in sucking like this. I put my one hand in her blouse and try to find out her nipples I pressed one of them and send my other hand to her blouse too. After a few minutes she asked me to reach to her pussy. I took my one hand out And found her pussy easily. I put my one of finger and then second, It was wet already and hot too, I thought she was waiting for me to come. We were almost half on floor and half standing. She asked me to suck her pussy. I went to her pussy, It was pink like a new rose leaves this was my first look of her pussy. I smelt her pussy, it was a bad smell and I refused to suck it. I told her to wash it. She put her petticoat inside it and cleaned than asked me to suck I again refused. Now she was mad and asked me to go away. By now my mother asked her to take bath and get ready for breakfast as she was going for puja.

She went to bath room and removed her all the clothes. I was looking her out of a hole. I had a look of her naked body and breast. She was not aware as I was looking at her. While taking bath she washed her cunt with Rexona soap again and again. As she know that I refused to suck it because of not clean. After her cleaning I got a change to enter into the bath room. And with no time pulled my cock and put in her cunt. It was a great fuck and first too in standing position It was so cool inside as she had applied water and soap over it and gave two three quick strokes as I was afraid of someone to come and call for me. I was having her boobs sucked in my mouth. Now she told to stop as she was going to give me strokes. She gave me heavy strokes and my all the cum came out in her cunt and she was continuously giving me strokes. Then I told her about my discharge of white material, she told me that she knows as she was feeling it on her legs. After few more strokes she kissed me like anything and pulled out my cock out of pussy and put water on it and washed as well she asked me to wash her pussy. We both washed each others organs. After her bath we all took lunch and my mother slept. We both found Time and she invited me to come upstairs. I was waiting for her and rubbing My cock. She came and immediately put her sari up asked me to suck it just Now and don't waste any time. She laid and spread her legs. I was mad to See her pussy again and my cock too. I put my tongue on her pussy lips and slide it deeper and deeper. She was getting mad to have my cock in her mouth.

The pussy was wet with both the juices of my mouth and her pussy.(I think no body mentions the taste of that fluid of the pussy, it is always little bit salty in taste) You taste it after reading my story and write to me about it. After sucking both the lips of her pussy got thick and moved my nose into the pussy and rolled my whole face on it. Then I put my both the Lips on tight on her pussy and blow the air as we used to blow a balloon. The air went in and came out with a voice. (Try this). After sucking of cunt I gave her my cock she sucked it while sitting in front of me. Then she put my cock into her pussy while we were sitting facing each other and gave me strokes. She was pulling whole of cock out touching her pussy lips and then pushing it back. It was giving me a great pleasure and the skin of my cock was also rolling up and down giving lot of pleasure. After some time I discharged all my cum and it was again coming down from her pussy along my cock and wetting my public hairs. She put it out and cleaned it with her petticoat and then kissed my ass and me too. Then I came out of her bed room.

Later too this was always happening in between us. After few months I went with her to hospital to get pregnancy check up and found she was pregnant. I could not say but she says it was due to me not by my brother. She told me that she never finds herself easy with my brother. Even when she was pregnant of about 8-9 moths we use to have sex in doggy styles.

She gave a birth to boy in 1971. Now she is not with me and I am married and whenever my wife is away to her parents I use to visit her for the purpose and she has now stopped all these games. Her son is also married now having one son. I don't know why I am not able to forget all those days and they are again and again in my mind whenever I am alone. But since then I got married I always find her in my wife.

I am always in look for having sex with other's bhabhi. If any of bhabhi read this is requested to contact me at email: I shall wait for her and come to me with a clean, pink and washed pussy with Rexona, Lux International or Liril Soaps only, only then I will suck it. I am in need to have sex


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